- Improved ImageTransform. The Rotation now works for coefficients: 0.25 and 0.75 (before this change, image was being truncated).
- Created a new Trial version.
- Added a new output in WindowInteractor: "Focused".
- Small improvement in XDFFileWriter and EDFFileWriter. Now the recording's start date/time is set when the element is started (before it was when the design was started, which can be sometimes different). 
- Added a new advanced property in SerialPort and FTDISerialPort: "Detect data spikes". Can be useful to make sure that sudden data bursts from the device do not cause buffer overflow (and therefore lost data).
- Improved how bioera print files are being created.
- Fixed BioEra Trial installer broken on Windows XP.
- Added new experimental element: CameraImageSource.
- Driver update. Added ACC (acceleration) output in recently created AngelSensor element.
- Added support for a new wearable fitness device: AngelSensor. See manual for details.
- Improved re-initialization in: ComboToolbarControl and InputComboList. Now it is possible to set the combo position from PropertySetter.
- Improved performance of the OscilloscopeXY. It now needs less processor power for longer traces.
- Fixed a bug in KeyAdvSelector2 element.
- Improved ImageDisplay, so that Rescale option doesn't interfere with background image at reinitialization.
- Improved XDF/EDF Reader element, so that it can read files which have been saved with incorrectly formatted header fields.
- Android version can now rescale/resize images (option in ImageDisplay).
- Increased maximum number of channels in XDF/EDF elements from 32 to 256.
- Added option 'ASCII' in ScalarToText element. It interprets input as ascii codes and creates text from that.
- Improved file access synchronization in XmlFileWriter and XmlFileReader.
- Fixed previous version which broke options to save the design file and copy/paste.
- Moved the XmlFileWriter's "Save retry count" option to System Settings as "XmlFileWriter save retry count", and set it by default to 1.
- Now printing warning on console in XmlFileReader even when the "Send default value when file is missing" is set.
- Improved how BioEra saves design files. From now it uses a temporary backup, so that the current design content is not lost when unexpected problem with file system occurs (original file is kept with .bak extension).
- Added a new advanced property in XmlFileWriter: "Save retry count". When set to a value larger than 0, it will attempt to retry to save the output file that many times (with 10ms delay between each attempt).
- Improved BarDisplay, so that threshold levels are always visible. Before this change they were disappearing when remembered at a value out of current range.
- Added new system setting option: Tray Icon. Can be useful when BioEra needs to run in background (hidden) or without taskbar icons, manageable only by using the tray (notification) icon.
- Improved CustomElement - added ability to use chart properties. Before this change they were not being loaded.
- CustomElement can now process Objects (besides single values like before).
- Added a new API function for CustomElement development: setChartComponent. That is to allow creating custom user interfaces.
  Updated CustomeElementExample referenced from manual, see a simple code example in the chartInit() method.
- Added a new menu item "Element layout" in the main Element menu list. It contains options to align/adjust group of highlighed designer elements.
- Added a new output in WindowInteractor element: "Minimized".
- Improved float NumericDisplay, so that it doesn't show exponent (E) when displaying very small numbers.
- Fixed a recently broken DVDPlayer
- Added a float version of the DVDPlayer.
- ImageSequencer can now read image files from a folder.
- ImageSequencer doesn't cache all images any more (loads each image when triggered instead).
- Improved ImageDisplay when used with option: Rescale.
- Added a rescale sub-option in ImageDisplay: Preserve aspect ratio.
- Fixed a bug in the Float version of MenuListControl
- Added a float version of the VideoPlayer.
- Fixed a small bug in Vector ExpressionEvaluator: the SIGNAL_RATE constant was not being set properly.
- Added a new option in Button: "Mouse hover bg color".
- Added a new option in Button: "Pressed bg color".
- Added a new option in Button: "Pressed font color".
- Added a new option in Button: "Disabled button bg color".
- Added a new option in ToggleButton: "ON disabled button bg color".
- Added a new option in ToggleButton: "OFF disabled button bg color".
- Further improved VideoFilePlayer when used with Zoom input.
- Added a new option in ToggleButton: "ON button bg color".
- Added a new option in ToggleButton: "ON font color".
- Added a new option in ToggleButton: "ON mouse hover bg color"
- Added a new option in ToggleButton: "OFF mouse hover bg color"
- Improved VideoFilePlayer when used with Zoom.
- Driver updates.
- Cleaned an unnecessary message printed on console in XmlFileReader.
- Cleaned an unnecessary message printed on console in XmlFileReader.
- Added a new debugging option in Element->Console menu: "Print Runtime1 coordinates".
- Reorganized PropertyGetter. There should be no change in behaviour.
- Added new element: ObjectConverter.
- Added a double float version of Valve and Synchronizer.
- CustomElement now better detects and prints errors created by the custom code.
- Added a new element: OscilloscopeXY2. It works like OscilloscopeXY, but allows to display multiple channels (each with different color).
- Improved ExpressionEvaluator so that is prints more on the console (before it wasn't printing java errors, only java exceptions)
- Improved ExpressionEvaluator so that is finds internal classes (created in AdvancedProperties->Declaration)
- ComponentInteractor has now a new input: 'Elem'. It should be used instead of the existing 'Elem' output (either will work, but input can be better for initialization).
- Removed ExpressionEvaluator's advanced property to print errors on console, and moved it to system properties.
- Added a new property in WindowInteractor element: Location.
- Added a new output in WindowInteractor: Window. It sends the java.awt.Window and can be used in elements like ObjectExpressionEvaluator for advanced purposes.
- Added a new output in ComponentInteractor: Component. It sends the java.awt.Component and can be used in elements like ObjectExpressionEvaluator for advanced purposes.
- Added 2 new functions in HtmlPlayer: bioera.getInputEventText and bioera.sendOutputText. Both to exchange text values.
- Improved the example HtmlGame design, so that the game adjusts to the the browser window size.
- Fixed the HtmlPlayer example broken in the last update.
- The HtmlPlayer browser window now remembers its last position and size.
- Added a new element TextToDoubleFloat
- Created a new full BioEra version which contains both java 6 and java 7. BioEra can be executed with either java version using command line option -jre6 or -jre7.
- Changed the default java version BioEra uses to 6. Java 7 can be executed using -jre7 option.
- Added a new (experimental) element: HtmlPlayer. It can execute HTML 5 content which is controllable from BioEra.
- Added a new example design: HtmlGame. It is a simple game which demonstrates the HtmlPlayer.
- Created a new full BioEra version. It is only needed if HtmlPlayer is to be used.
- Cleaned up debugging messages in InputText element.
- Improved file saving in XmlFileWriter.
- Added a new option in InputText to allow selecting which scrollbar to show on the text area (multi line text only).
- Cleaned console message printed in TextTransform.
- Added a new option in XmlFileReader: "Send default value when file is missing".
- Fixed a bug in SystemEventSource when used with option: ALL_ACTIVE.
- Improved console warning when trying to stop an element which was already stopped. Now there is only up to one warning per second.
- Improved PCMAudioPlayer so that it doesn't crash BioEra when no audio device is found.
- Fixed a WMP library problem introduced with new full version 3.207. 
- Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version.
- Improved Polygraph, so that "Channel Ampltiude Max/Min" advanced property is overridden (if set) by Gain Interactor with Auto Range mode.
- BioEra diagnostic doesn't generate any more information about connected devices, the tool which was used for that (devcon.exe) became out of date.
- Fixed minor scaling bugs in float versions of Slider and ExpressionEvaluator. They were coming from their Scalar equivalents dealing wtih digital range which is not needed there.
- Added a new startup options for custom font installation. Custom TTF fonts can be now put/installed in config/fonts folder (which needs to be created for that).
- Improved BioEra startup and the single instance check. If another BioEra instance is detected, a dialog is shown with a question to close it (instead of just exiting with an error message on the console).
- Added a new element: Throughput. Can be used to equalize data stream and avoid buffer overflow warnings from sources which send a lot of data in single bursts.
- Fixed a bug in PropertyGetter when used with "ITEMS_AS_TEXT" option. Some generated list items were prepended with a space.
- Improved ChartTransparency element. Now it works better with FlashPlayer. Before this change, sometimes it was impossible to click a button or drag a slider on the flash (swf) movie being played.
- Changed the input range in ChartTransparency to 0.0 - 1.0. Before it was 0 to 100 (with no scaling).
- Added a new example BioEra design, which demonstrates Neuropuzzles flash application.
- Added a new System Setting "Show dialog when FlashPlayer error at start".
- Note: this new flash library requires new vcredist installed: http://proatech.com/download/redis/vcredist_x86.exe 
- Fixed a bug in ChartTransparency element.
- Driver updates.
- Added a new advanced property in TextFileWriter: "Skip next file write at stop".
- Added a new option in TimeSouce: DAY_TIME. It outputs the number of seconds (or millis) starting from the last midnight.
- Added support for a new 20 channel EEG device: NeuroField Q20.
- Driver updates.
- Added a new system setting: "Print XDF warning when annotation is postponed"
- Added a new system setting: "Validate XDF input data synchronization"
- Added a new interactive property in XDFFileWriter: Internal Pause [Resume], can be used to stop and resume the data recording without a change to the output file name.
- Added a data synchronization check in XDFFileWriter. From now, if any input has received a different number of samples than the first input, a warning is printed on the console and the number of samples is reequalized (by either dropping excessive samples or adding 0 values).
- Modified Slider element. Changed the default value of "Minimum time between sending output values" to 0 (which means there is no delay).
- Fixed a bug in how inactive connections are being cleaned.
- Improved XDFFileWriter so that is updates the info about patient at stop. Effective for versions 3.188 and later.
- Improved XDFFileWriter so that it renames the output file at stop if it has changed since start. Effective for versions 3.188 and later.
- Fixed a VARIANCE calculation scaling bug in TimeTransform (only scalar element was affected).
- Added a new advanced option in Slider: Allow keyboard to move the slider.
- Removed a property in Slider: Use external properties.
- Added a new option in Slider: 'Send unique values' and made it default. If set, then a value is sent to output only if it has changed.
- Added a new option in Slider: Minimum time between sending output values, set by default to 200ms. If this is larger than 0, then the next value is sent to output only after this time has elapsed since previous value was sent.
- Fixed GainInteractor so that it updates buffer size on reinit (this is important when the TIME range is being dynamically modified). Before this change the buffer size was not being changed.
- Added a new advanced property in GainInteractor: Force buffer size. If set to any value larger than 0, then it will be used to set the buffer size. Otherwise buffer size is the same as the time range on the target element.
  This can be useful to allow dynamical switching between various time ranges (using PropertySetter) without loosing remembered data.
- Added a new property in RateLimitter2: 'Deliver last sample', set by default to true (false in previous versions). When set, then this element drops samples except the last one. That is to make sure the last value is always delivered to output.
- Added a new output in Filter element: Amplitude. It outputs the absolute value.
- Added a new menu option under Element->Console: Print signal properties, which prints this info for highlighted element(s).
- Reorganized example designs. Simplified them greatly and changed to use Float elements. All previous designs in design\examples folder are gone.
- Added new advanced options in DesignSet element to allow internal recording (and playback) with no need for externally connected XDFWriter.
- Updated video_toolbar design which is available under resources/design folder.
- Improved Polygraph so that it doesn't show black background at start when in scrolling mode.
- Added a new option in XDFSlider to allow automatically hide it when it is not used.
- Fixed a bug in ReportTable, sometimes the values were not updating properly when a threshold table value was set.
- Reorganized XDFFileWriter. Now it writes directly to the output file (without a temporary file), so that it is available also when BioEra is forcefully closed (e.g. in task manager) without stopping it first.
  In such case only the trailing data will be lost (up to 2048 last samples) and the file will not be fully updated (so some external software might not be able to read it). 
  But most of the data should be there and BioEra should be able to read it.
- Minor reorganization in DeviceSet. Should cause no change in present functionality.
- Added new input in IconToolbarControl to allow setting the label dynamically.
- Improved advanced option 'Process in separate thread' in NestedDesign.
- Added a new advanced options for the above.
- BioEra now supports both 8 and 16 channel OpenBCI devices.
- Improved BioEra Forum (bioera.net/support). It should be more responsive now. Forum is the most recommended way to ask questions about BioEra.
- Added a new property in XmlFileReader: Default value. It is used when the requested config path doesn't exist.
- Added a new logical output in HttpWriter: OK. It sends TRUE when the text was successfully delivered to the web service, and FALSE otherwise.
- Added a new command line option: -exit. If used then BioEra exits after the main design has been loaded and initialized. This option can be used to test the startup, or to re-save a design.
- Improved scalar NumericDisplay to operate on higher digital range.
- Reorganized Button and ToggleButton elements. Should have no effect on current functionality.
- Added new properties in HttpWriter: Connection Timeout and Read Timeout.
- Added a new highly experimental System Property: Design load optimization. It could be used to improve the design load time, but it is currently rather risky, make sure to backup everything (designs and config files) if you decide to use it.
- Upgraded installer tools used for BioEra updates. Hopefully this will fix the "This program might not have installed correctly" installer error message.
- Fixed a small bug in the function which determines the element processing order.
- Updated FTDI library used with FTDISerialPort.
- Added new option in FTDISerialPort to allow select a COM port. This can be useful if there is more than 1 FTDI device connected.
- Added support for a new device: OpenBCI
- Driver updates.
- Added options to allow using InputText and DialogText for password entering (with hidden text).
- Separated System settings from History settings. From now history (e.g. info about last opened designs) is saved in a separate file: "history.set".
  From now, system settings are saved ONLY when the system setting dialog is accepted. Only history file is saved automatically.
  Any system setting which was set with the previously added command line option -syset will not any more be saved automatically.
- Added a command line option to allow set any system property. For example: -syset "Interface/Exit without save=false"
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Added a new element: HttpWriter. It can send input text to a web service.
- Added new system setting option under Designer tab - Use background image. If set then the quality (of dragging elements) is better, but it uses much more memory, so it can become a problem with large designer size.
- Improved BioEra exit process. If this is a normal exit and only once instance is allowed (system setting) then BioEra now also terminates its process.
- Android: added a design option to set whether to pause BioEra when it is moved to background.
- Android: added a design option to allow keeping screen always ON.
- Fixed a problem in FlashPlayer
- Improved PipeConverter's Float-To-Scalar option, so that it rounds the number more precisely.
- Added a new element: ComboListProperty.
- Added new property "Maximum vector size" in ScalarsToVector element, see manual for more details.
- Added new menu option: "Remove all inactive connections"
- Improved ScalarsToVector, so that it honours VectorMin and VectorMax advanced signal property.
- Improved VectorCMixer, so that it can also work without "constant" input connected. 
- Improved VectorCMixer, so that if the constant property vector is too short, it is automatically resized using the last value.
- Added option in ReportGraph to export currently selected fragment into XDF file.
- Added a new option in SubVector: "High Frequency Inclusive".
- Added new advanced option in ExpressionEvaluator: Execute at start.
- Improved SubVector element, so that its output signal properties show actual minimum and maximum frequency (vectorMin and vectorMax), which can be different than values requested in properties due to vector resolution.
- KERNEL CHANGE - further improvements to the signal properties propagation, the new sorting mode is now set as default. In order to restore previous mode, change the system setting "Ordering mode" to "Legacy".
- Fixed rescaling in the scalar version of VectorToScalar for SUM_OF_SQUARES function.
- Added system setting option to improve signal properties propagation.
- Improved CustomElement, so that it can be used also on Android.
- Modified slightly start-up in ActivityDetector. Now when element is started (or restarted) and is configured to set output state to ON, it also updates the timer to current time so that "no activity" is not triggered directly after that.
- Improved CutomElement. Now it also can be used to create a custom chart.
- Improved VectorToScalar with the SELECTED_INDEX options. Now the initial index value can be set using a new property.
- Added advanced option in ExpressionEvaluator to allow more code flexibility.It allows to create custom variables or even internal functions.
- Added new option in StreamToVector - "Input Size", active is set to more than 0.
- Driver update.
- Improved ApplicationPlayer, so that the wait time and application title are configurable.
- Added a driver for a new device: Wii Balance Board.
- Added new advanced property in XDF and EDF file writer: "Skip next file write at stop"
- Improved PropertyGetter, now the signal properties from Advanced Properties are applied (if set). Before this change the advanced signal properties had no effect.
- Improved ImageSource when used with nested charts and ReportTable.
- Added advanced option in LogicalMixer and LogicalMixerM.
- Changed slightly the behaviour of LogicalMixerM, so that it behaves like LogicalMixer.
- Driver updates.
- Improved ReportGraph so that more than one can be used with the same XDF file to show annotations.
- Added a new option in ReportGraph on context menu: "Delete segment". It can be used to delete currently selected time frame.
- DialogColor has now Text output which is more useful to configure colours.
- Fixed a bug in XDFFileReader when recorded with Annotation channel and used with XDFSlider.
- Improved how nested designs are being reset. Now when a reset is requested (for example after nested design has been modified), all visible properties (if any) are preserved.
- Added option in ReportTable to show/hide annotation channel.
- Added a new element: DialogColor
- Fixed a bug in XDFFileReader
- One more improvement to option "Keep original range" in GainInteractor when used with Polygraph.
- Implemented option "Keep original range" in GainInteractor for use with Polygraph.
- Fixed a bug in DialogFile and path it was creating.
- Driver updates.
- Added support for a new device: Capnometer. The first device of this type.
- Improved Polygraph trace scale switching using the top trace labels. Before this change, sometimes traces were not repainted properly.
- Added support for a new device: Neurosky Mobile.
- Fixed a bug in ScalarToFloat element occurring after ReinitAll.
- Further improvements in ImageSource, so that it can now also get images from nested design charts.
- Improved VectroToScalar, added WEIGHTED_VALUE in scalar version of the element.
- Fixed VectorToFloatVector element.
- Improved ImageSource, so that it can now also get an image from a nested design chart.
- Fixed broken previous version.
- Improved ReportGraph and ReportTable, so that they can also display annotation channel events if saved in XDF file.
- Added an option in ElementInteractor, so that it can show Properties of any element limited to a defined set of properties.
- Added advanced options in XDFFileReader.
- Driver update.
- Improved MouseInteractor, so that it can also press mouse buttons.
- Improved MouseAdvPosition, so that it can provide information about mouse buttons.
- Improved GroupPropertySetter to work with nested designs.
- Added a new advaced option in XDF/EDF reader: stop design at EOF.
- Added a new option in Synchronizer: "Auto-connect output".
- Improved password dialog
- Improved MIDI, now it automatically assignes channel which is unique among all MIDI elements.
- Improved internal MIDI code.
- It is now possible to switch a single connection from one element to another. Highlight it, then press Shift and click on target element.
- Added a new text input in OSInfo, it sets the argument property and triggers the action after that.
- Added a new option in OSInfo to allow filtering file names in the target folder.
- Added a new option in VectorValue to allow resetting data vector after if was sent out (using Sent input).
- Added PreProcessing option in VectorTimeTransform.
- Fixed a few problems with vector elements caused by the recent kernel change.
- Added VectorRandom
- Added SetIterator and updated manual.
- Added object category on the "New element" dialog, so now some elements like ObjectSet are found under 'Set' category (and not on the main list as before).
- PostProcessor can now handle all data types.
- Added new inputs in VectorValue to allow appending vector from a scalar stream.
- KERNEL CHANGE - this change affects elements with VECTOR and OBJECT inputs. Now all input buffer sizes are automatically adjusted using input sample rate. The same way as scalar/float buffers have been for many years. The design settings (to allow set vector/object buffer size), are no longer available.
- Added a new initial output state in ActivityDetector.
- Updated ImageMarker
- Updated random number generator in Sequencer.
- Modified DataToText element. Now the list is selected by language with country, not just country as before. Previous list wasn't complete because there are countries with more than one language.
- Improved ExpressionEvaluator. Now the advanced expression form is detected also when a semicolon is found inside the expression. Before it had to always start with 'OutX='
- Added new element: OSProperties. It contains constant information about operating system and display, for example size of the second monitor (if present). It can be used with PropertyGetter.
- Added new option in InstantTransform: BACK_DIFFERENCE_2
- Improved LogicalMixer. Now default input logical values are set at start.
- Fixed a bug in Multiplexer.
- Improved XDF writer and reader, so that full digital range can be saved. Before this change, there was a limit. See more details in manual - XDFFileWriter section.
- Added a new output in TimeTransform elements which support preprocessing: Preprocessed. It is set to true, when preprocessing has finished.
- Improved float numeric display, so that it can show integer number when "Decimal places" option is set to 0.
- Added an advanced property in VectorExpressionEvaluator: "Output vector size". Before this change the output size was always the same as input size, now it can be customized.
- Updated library for PCMAudioPlayer
- Added a new option in VectorToScalar: WEIGHTED_VALUE
- Added a float versino of ScalarToLogical element.
- Improved SourceSelector, so that the source elements do not have to be directly connected but still can be controlled (stop/start) via blue line.
- Added new reinitalization option in PropertySetter: "Stop-Set-Reinit-Start All if changed". The entire design is reinitialized only if the target property has changed.
- Driver updates.
- Changed how SourceSelector controls source elements via blue output Action pipe. More details in manual.
- Improved VectorExpressionEvaluator, so that it can be used with vectors of different sizes (vector size for all outputs is the same as maximum input size)
- Added new options in VectorExpressionEvaluator, so that input vectors are fully available.
- Fixed a new bug in ImageDisplay introduced recently.
- Added TextStreamToScalars. It can be used to receive a multichannel data sent as text (e.g. from Arduino). More info in manual.
- Improved ExpressionEvaluator, so that all output variables are reset to 0.
- Fixed a bug made in the last improvement for advanced expressions.
- Added new property in ImageDisplay: InitialImage. It can be used to show an image without a need to send it to input.
- Added new option in NumericDisplay: Float3
- Driver updates.
- Improved advanced expression parsing in ExpressionEvalutor.
- Improved RRDetector. Now the first output RR value is dropped, since it was usually invalid.
- Added new element for HR resampling with linear interpolation: TimeIntervalResampler2
- Fixed a small bug ExpressionEvalutor when used with an advanced version of an expression.
- Added a new output in WindowsInteractor. It can be used to detect window/frame movement (relocation).
- Changed how the visibility of the top descriptions in Polygraph is controlled. It not affected by chart property any more, and controlled only by the main property "Labels location".
- Improved right scrolling mode in Osc and Pol.
- Driver updates.
- Fixed a small bug in SimulationSource element.
- Fixed a bug in Counter3.
- Improved CMixer, so that it updates the initial value at start.
- Added new option in TimeSource: FROM_ELEMENT_START
- Modified slightly how SystemEventSource sends this event: DESIGN_REINITIALIZED, now it is posponed until design is started.
- Improved SteppedSoundFileReader and SteppedSoundPlayer, so that the folder path can use environmental variables like %DF%
- Added new elements: TextVectorSet and ColorVectorSet.
- Improved buffering in Midi element.
- Added new option in Midi element: "Restart on input volume update"
- Added a convenince method to connect two elements which have compatible pins: select element 1 then press Shift and select element 2.
- Now it is possible to move and resize charts (in edit mode) using keyboard's arrow keys.
- PCMAudioPlayer gets a new code. And now it can be added in the same design more than once.
- Fixed a bug in Generator.
- Fixed a bug in F_BarDisplay
- Android: improved InputText.
- Android: now the IconToolbarControl can be used to add an icon/button on the main toolbar on the main frame (only runtime1).
- Android: now the ComboToolbarControl can be used to add an drop down list on the main toolbar on the main frame (only runtime1).
- Android: fixed a problem with missing colors on VectorDisplay.
- Fixed scalar CMixer - there was a rescaling bug in Multiplication function.
- Android: now the "Bring to front" option in ElementInteractor can be used to switch to separate frame if chart is on a separate frame.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Added a new driver element: VilistusDevice.
- Fixed a bug in State element. The same value could be sent twice at start.
- Added a new property in ScalarToLogical element.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Addded interpolation option in Vector2DDisplay.
- Implemented color interpolation in Vector2DDisplay when single colors are used (and not gradient image).
- Added new element: VectorWindowTransform
- Driver updates
- Added a new element: Vector2DDisplay.
- The ScalarToLogical now sends output value also when the input variable changes.
- Added new interactive property "Selected index" in InputComboList and ComboToolbarControl elements.
- Driver updates.
- Improved ExpressionEvaluator when used with advanced expressions (starting with 'OutX=')
- Fixed Random element.
- Fixed a bug in Button element when used with option "On Hold".
- Restored ObjectBuffer which was by accident removed in last versions.
- Fixed a bug in VideoFilePlayer. When resumed, it was playing even though the last On/Off input was set to Off.
- Added a new option in NestedProperties element: "Clip right and bottom margin on the nested chart". It can create small nested charts.
- Added a new text input in ChartTextOverlay.
- Fixed a bug in Lamp.
- Added a new output in ElementInfo: Reiniting.
- Added a new option in Button and ToggleButton - ability to display multi line text labels (created with \n line separator)
- Fixed a bug in SoundFileReader. When resumed, it was processing data even though the last On/Off input was set to Off.
- Fixed a bug in SteppedSoundFileReader. The Playing output was set active even when the sound file was not found.
- Added new option in Timer: "Reset to ON state".
- Driver updates.
- Small modification in ComboToolbarControl.
- Fixed another bug in Generator.
- Improvements in Generator and PCMAudioPlayer.
- Fixed a bug in Generator when used with On/Off input.
- Added a new element: Demultiplexer2, with synchronized inputs.
- Fixed a bug in Generator caused by last change.
- Added new options in PCMEnvelope and Generator.
- Added a new internative property in Slider to allow set the number independently from the slider position.
- Improved frequncy input in scalar Generator element to accept any scaled range ratio.
- Fixed a small bug in PCMEnvelope element.
- Added two new outputs in PCMEnvelope element.
- Added new option in PCMAudioMixer: divider ratio.
- Improved internal behavior of the ComboToolbarControl.
- Fixed a bug in Generator.
- Driver updates.
- Fixed a rounding bug in XDFFileReader, occuring when current position in the file was set using any of the interactive properties. Before the fix, the position was rounded to a full second. Now the position is set precisely down to a single sample.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Added float versions of those elements: JandJ, ComboToolbarControl, InputList, InputCombo.
- Fixed recently introduced bug which prevented design load dialog from executing.
- Added ArduinoSerialPort element for BioEra on Android.
- Improvements in Android version.
- Added new port reinit option in PropertySetter: Restart Target if started.
- Added new background image option in chart properties: FILL CHART CENTER (the image is put on the chart center, without margins), which can be useful with more precise resizing.
- Added new interactive property in XDFFileReader to allow ending the reading at specified time rather than the end of file.
- Added new option in ImageDisplay: "Enable transparency". If not set, then image painting flickering is improved when used with Zoom input.
- Fixed a bug in PropertySetter.
- Driver updates.
- Resizing now should work also for deactivated elements.
- Added new option in TimeTransform2: SUM.
- Added option to set slider image in XDFSlider.
- Added a new output on the XDFSlider: Seconds, which provides time of the current position.
- Added new highly advanced element: ObjectExpressionEvaluator. It can be used for custom operations on objects like text.
- Fixed a bug in BarDisplay
- Added new system setting to allow/disallowing of printing buffer overflow warnings on console.
- Added more messages for language conversion.
- Added new option in OSInfo to list files in config folder.
- Added new system setting option: "Language conversion". It can be used to customize some user messages.
- Added new element VectorCTransform. It can be used to change each vector field by a constant (for example multiply)
- Improved graphical initialization.
- Topograph now doesn't require all connected inputs to work.
- Added a new option for drop down list properties. Right click allows to set any drop down list as locked. If a drop down list is locked, then it will not change (reset) when such item is not on the list of items. This can be useful for drop down lists which are created dynamically (e.g. SerialPort number) and sometimes are not listed.
- Added new option in DesignInteractor
- Added new option in OSInfo
- Fixed "Switch connections" option.
- Improved PropertySetter, now it can handle float values, float vectors and float matrices.
- Improved Topograph so that the Active area image can be changed dynamically.
- Improved system option "Reinitialize all on a connection change". Now when it is NOT selected, then the target element (only) following the modified connection is restarted.
- Fixed broken build.
- Improved SimulationSource so that is can be restarted without losing the sample count.
- Improved PropertySetter when used with input text (and Object type). Now the text can be used to set numeric and color arrays (the input text is automatically parsed).
- Fixed corrupted version.
- Improved slighly the PropertySetter when setting a value from an object vector.
- Added a new option in NestedProperties: "Restart nested element when a property is set". If set, then the nested design element (and all elements it contains) are restarted when a property is Applied/Accepted.
- Added new element: TextMapper.
- Improved SimulationSource. Now it counts more precisely number of samples sent to outputs.
- Fixed a small bug in XDFFileReader showing up when data files were switched dynamically.
- Added Delay for objects.
- Added "Remember Var" property in TextTransform.
- Added system property "Default element type" which allows to set selected type on the New Element dialog. Can be Scalar (previously the only default) or Float or DoubleFloat.
- The bh nested designs are now open (most of them)
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Improved chart auto-refreshing in ReportGraph.
- Refined recently added function in TimeTransform.
- Improved focus in FlashPlayer.
- Improved Delay, when used with selected option "Use input rate to measure time"
- Added a Delay2 element, described in manual.
- Added new function in TimeTransform elements: MEAN ABS DEVIATION (see manual for more details)
- Updated FlashPlayer element. Now the ChartTransparency can pass mouse clicks if used with FlashPlayer.
- Added new advanced properties in Oscilloscope and BarDisplay: Max amplitude and Min amplitude. They allow to set asymmetric signal scale and range.
- Improved ObjectsToVector, now inputs are dynamic.
- Added a new special character in TextTransform: \s to allow using leading and trailing spaces.
- Driver updates.
- Added support for a new device: Contec CMS50EW bluetooth oximeter.
- Improved XDFFileWriter to allow set unspecified sex selection.
- Fixed a bug in float Slider.
- Fixed a bug in NestedProperties element.
- Small improvement in ReportGraph. An invisible trace was causing an incorrect mean (zero) calculated for that channel.
- Fixed a bug in ReportGraph and ReportTable.
- Added ZSCORE function calculation in the TimeTransform element.
- Driver update.
- Mitsar driver update.
- Improvements in Android version and design upload
- Improved FTDISerialPort: added an advanced property "Alternate device description", which is used when the primary device description failed to open.
- Improved IconToolbarControl, so that it shows the label also when the icon image is not set.
- Improved DVD initialization.
- Updated FTDI driver.
- Mitsar driver update.
- Fixed a bug in VectorExpressionEvaluator.
- Added a new system setting "Show warning when a device/source start failed".
- Fixed (hopefully) a problem with the previous build.
- Added a new option in GainInteractor: "Reinit element on chart resize". If selected, it restores the data on chart when chart is resized. This option is set by default. Clear it to restore previous behavior.
- Fixed a bug in Color Chooser dialog.
- Fixed BackgroundImageLayoutManager warning.
- Fixed a bug in IconToolbarControl. Before this change a disabled icon couldn't be enabled in some cases.
- Added new options to set mouse cursor in chart properties under Pen tab. This change replaces previously added (and now removed) cursor options in Buttons.
- Improved the last change in SerialPort so that it doesn't stop the processing if the selected port doesn't exist at start.
- Added new option in VectorToScalar: MIN_INDEX.
- Added new system setting "Use charts below for transparency". Clear it to restore previous transparency mode.
- Fixed a problem with java 7.
- Fixed a problem with latest full installer.
- The new full installer now comes with java 7.
- Improved "Transparent background" option in Chart Properties. Now the chart with this option shows the image from other charts which are behind (before it was only the image of the main frame).
- Improved VectorSTransform. The option 'INCREMENT SCALAR AT INDEX' now can increment the same vector multiple times for each input index (before it was only one time for one vector)
- Internal border is now drawn in a Slider when its background image is set. In order to disable it, unselect chart property.
- Fixed bugs in Slider and its float equivalent.
- Tested BioEra on Windows 8. All seems to be good and working exactly the same as on Windows 7.
- Added a new option in Button and ToggleButton elements to allow to set a cursor when the mouse is on the button.
- Added a new designer feature. When any element's adavanced signal property is set, then a letter 'S' is shown at the bottom of the element.
- Android: bluetooth SerialPort is now operational.
- Android: added a text with current processing status on the toolbar, it is also an action menu and can be used to start/stop the design
- Android: added session time in the toolbar, it is also an action menu and can be used to pause/resume the design
- Android: picture of a real time session with oximeter: http://proatech.com/pictures/device-2012-10-28-160348.png 
- Fixed a bug in XDF element when used with annotations (events).
- Released new version with a new experimental support for Android OS.