- Fixed XDFSlider which didn't work when the slider knob was dragged (it was fine when it was pressed).
- Fixed broken build 2.3.230
- Improved diagnostic info generation without a need to start BioEra. Added a new executable script: create_diagnostic.bat
- Added more options in NetworkServer to set socket data buffers.
- Added 2 new command line options for bioera.exe to set java GC: -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode and -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC. Further information about their behavior can be found in java documentation.
- Improved TextDisplay so that it clears its cache during restart.
- Added REMOVE_BIAS option in VectorInstantTransform.
- Modified FFTTransform element, so that the "Subtract bias" option subtracts the DC constant before the calculation (not after as in previous version).
- Fixed one more slider bug introduced in 2.3.224
- Fixed MIDI element. Selected instrument was not being remembered.
- Fixed bugs introduced in previous version.
- Extended XDFFileWriter and XDFFileReader to allow storing more information about the recording (patient etc) and also save Annotations (text events) along with the signal traces.
- Upgraded to the latest version of Java 6.
- Replaced TimeRatio element with a new and differently implemented version (should behave the same though). The old version couldn't handle higher ADC ranges (24bit). The new version is also more efficient.
- NOTE: Removed 'Down sampling' option in the new TimeRatio element.
- Improved Polygraph so that the chart data is restored when the chart is clicked after stop (and different trace's scale selected). It is required that the Polygraph is connected to GainInteractor for this feature to work.
- Improved ReportGraph display with a very large data count.
- Fixed recently improved Dialog behavior when used with shortcut letters.
- Added designer (menu) option to select all elements.
- Fixed a bug in ScalarTimeRatio when a very long time period was selected.
- Added keyboard shortcuts to Dialogs 'y' and 'n' to allow accept or cancel using keyboard.
- Improved connection handling. Sometimes connections were disappearing in the designer (until the next restart) and this change should fix that.
- Improved XDFFileWriter. Different types of element (e.g. Scalar and Float) in the same design were interfering with each other.
- Improved ReportGraph and ReportTable detection when the number of input channels has changed.
- Fixed a bug in VectorBuffer.
- Improved ReportGraph. After selecting a trace, trace colors were assigned incorrectly.
- Added new element: XDFSlider. It can simplify file data navigation.
- Improved TimeTransform which (under some conditions after start) was causing "Buffer overflow" warnings (on console) without justification.
- Improved Synchronizer, so that it passes signal properties separately for each pipe (before the same properties were set for all output pipes).
- Fixed a bug in NetworkServer element.
- Fixed a problem with advanced property "Vertical auto scale" in Oscilloscope.
- Added a new input in ImageDisplay: Zoom.
- Added new event type in SystemEventSource: SYSTEM_EXIT. It can be used to perform final actions when BioEra is exited (using 'X' button or from System menu).
- Improved some event processing time in VideoFilePlayer, DVDPlayer and FlashPlayer (by about 50-100ms).
- Added new element ChartTranparency. It allows to control any chart transparency (including Video, Flash and DVD) in real time.
- Create a new FULL version. Any upgrade after 2.3.214 requires this version to be installed first.
- Fixed ExcelFileReader problem with reading properly large files.
- Corrected the change in NestedDesign made in previous version.
- Added more environmental variables and added "Environmental variables" section in manual which describes the concept.
- Added a new advanced option in the NestedDesign to allow changing the design file path (which is not accessible any more in the main properties under some circumstances).
- Extended CustomElement interfaces to allow define pipe names.
- Added a new driver for KT88-1016, 16 channel QEEG device, to the list of supported devices. The driver is implemented outside of BioEra using CustomElement.
- Another fix in VectorDisplay.
- Improved Mitsar QEEG driver.
- Improved ReportGraph, now it is possible to set maximum and minimum vertical axis values in advanced properties.
- Improved VectorDisplay again.
- Improved and fixed VectorDisplay.
- Improved borders which didn't work when set on a nested design chart.
- Improved ModEEG_P3 element.
- NOTE, this might cause unexpected side effects. Changed how data is delivered from streams (file, network or serial port) to bioera elements. Before this change data was written only up to available buffer capacity. Now all data is written, which will cause buffer overflow warnings on console if there is not enough capacity. This change is to make sure that there is no bottleneck when delivering data from streams which are faster then bioera processing. Warnings about buffer overflow can be used to improve data flow in the design.
- Improved NetworkServer and NetworkClient elements.
- Improved ChartLine so that is reinitializes after the target chart has been resized.
- Fixed broken build 2.3.201
- Added new properties in WindowInteractor to allow set size of the target window.
- Improved how the LayoutProperties (in ChartProperties) are applayed.
- Added advanced options in VectorDisplay, to allow it configure chart appearance like in other elements (e.g. Oscilloscope).
- Added new option in DesigneInteractor: "Save and Load new design"
- Added new output in OSInteractor which provides exit code for the option "Execute application"
- Fixed filter response graph inside Filter elements. It wasn't showing correct values in some cases.
- Added "Send on start" options in Value elements.
- Added an option to remember last value in State element. It is also possible now to set the initial value which is sent on start.
- Added new option in OSInteractor: "Start command", it allows to execute any command line command also with parameters.
- Now the dongle print file content is constant if created for the same dongle.
- Added RMS option in TimeTransform elements.
- Changed the example designs to use RMS amplitude rather then average.
- Improved the R-R detector in the HRV design (if the ECG input is connected to an oximeter)
- Modified the HRV value calculations (VLF, LF, HF).
- Improved RawFileReader, now it reports end-of-file and deactivates when this happens.
- Improved ModEEG_P3 element data handling for more then 6 channels.
- Improved ModEEG_P3 element so that it works with other sources then SerialPort.
- Now the SimulatioSource has 4 outputs, each separately configured.
- Added new input in SoundFileReader - Trigger, to allow triggering sound playback using a logical value.
- Modified the ModEEG_P3 element so that the number of channels is configurable.
- Improved how BioEra reads the design file paths on command line, so that it accepts names with spaces. This allows to associate the file name extension (.bpd) with BioEra program to execute it automatically by Windows (when BioEra is selected as the default program to execute).
- Improved element connections with embedded elements inside.
- Improved PreProcessor so that it can handle design pauses. It can be useful for a remote control of a design (using a PC remote controller which can send keystrokes).
- Improved the TextToScalar element with its "ASCII CODES" mode.
- Improved BarDisplay2 (the horizontal bar graph), so that it is possible to drag levels with the mouse.
- Improved the SoundFileReader, so that is works with audio file path change (e.g. changed with PropertySetter) when the cache is used (before, a change of file path worked only without a cache).
- Added new read only property in FtdiSerialPort: ChipId. It provides a unique FTDI chip identifier of the connected device.
- Created a beta version 2.4 with java 7, available in '2.4' subfolder.
- Added advanced option in NestedDesign element to allow to decide whether to show dialog to reset (when it has changed).
- Driver updates.
- Integrated the SerialPort and FTDISerialPort elements, so that they can be more easily exchanged.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Modified Button and how it sets font. Before this change, it wasn't possible to set font using Chart Properties.
- Improved Slider behavior when the advanced property "Move knob on mouse press" is cleared.
- Improved the TextListTransform, so that it is possible to configure the separator to other characters like comma or semicolon, or auto detect.
- Improved all drop down lists (e.g. ComboToolbarControl), so that their items can be selected using keyboard. 
- Added new element TextListTransform. It allows to sort a list of items returned as one string separated by '|', e.g. from OSInfo
- Improved DeviceSet with option "Device selection - Manual" accessible from Tools menu. In some cases the properties of the device element were not showing properly.
- Improved Timer element, so that it adjusts to the time during pauses.
- Trial version can now run fully without stop during processing for 14 days.
- Driver updates.
- Cleaned console messages.
- Improved/fixed Counter2. It wasn't properly counting ALL samples (when the time period is set to 0).
- Added new option in TextDisplay: Remember last.
- Added new advanced property "Remember vertical range relative to unit" in Polygraph and Oscilloscope. It allows to remember the range relative to the physical unit (can be useful, if the source changes unit). 
- Fixed/improved advanced property in Polygraph: Vertical unit.
- Improved ComboToolbarControl, now when the Label is not set (is empty) then the head space (before the drop down list) is smaller.
- The Element List generated from Designer's Element menu is now sorted alphabetically.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Improved/fixed Volume smoothing in Generator element.
- Driver updates.
- Minor improvement in chart image background initialization.
- Driver updates.
- Driver updates.
- Improved DesignArguments element, so that it doesn't pass arguments started with "-".
- Improved ChartBackgroundOverlay so that the grid is painted on top of the background set here.
- Driver updates.
- Added new option in ChartTextOverlay to allow set font.
- Added new element: ChartBackgroundOverlay. It allows to set background on the center of a chart (e.g. Oscilloscope) which is invariant to resizing.
- Added new element: ChartTextOverlay, it allows to add a custom text on a chart invariant to resizing.
- Updated driver for Neruobit devices.
- Improved NoticeYesNo to allow more text customization (set button labels and title text).
- Fixed a bug, when the size of a chart in a detached frame wasn't properly saved when invisible on start and maximized a few times.
- Modified ReportTable, now the mouse click on the channel table header (first cell on the left) will draw the trace on top of all others. The previous option (to mark the points on the channel) is available with CONTROL key.
- Improved CustomInteractor, so that the start folder path can include environment variables.
- Improved DeviceSet: the input signal detection is now performed over the last 8 seconds, and begins 5 seconds after design start.
- Improved ReportGraph. Now the time scale can show fractions of a second if the advanced property "Horizontal precision" is set (non zero).
- Improved EDFFileReader, now the file info is read early. Before this change, pipes may have been connected improperly in some cases.
- Added new option in ReportGraph. If the left mouse button is clicked together with the CONTROL key, then the current point is marked on both scales to allow precise value read.
- Fixed a bug in XDFFileReader, the setting of interactive property 'Current time [s]' was broken (reading was ok).
- Improved DesignArguments element. It was replicating the same design arguments on every design reload.
- Improved Notice element to allow use special characters like  or . Full list is available here: http://www.bioera.net/architecture.html#_Toc293686863
- Improved EDFFileWriter, so that the positive digital range doesn't exceed EDF format specification.
- Added an advanced option in DesignInteractor to allow specify design arguments.
- Fixed TextToScalar, it wasn't working in the DIGI_FLOAT mode.
- Fixed Coherence design, the "Average period" property didn't have an expected effect.
- Added new option in TextDisplay and NumericDisplay to align the text on chart's center.
- Added new drop down menu commmands on the ReportGraph navigation: Back, Left, Right, Left half, Right half. 
- Added a new advanced option in EDFFileWriter and XDFFileWriter to allow skip rounding to a full second at the end of the recording.
- Added new element: RateNormalizer. It maintains constant output rate no matter what comes to input.
- Added new library nested design: DominantFrequency
- Improved diagnostic file creation.
- Added a new option in VectorDisplay, to allow vertical graph orientations (on left or right of the chart)
- Added a new advanced option in Slider element: "Move knob on mouse key press". When cleared, then only mouse drag will change the position of the knob.
- Now when Exit is requested, the design is stopped first.
- Fixed a problem with Filter introduced recently.
- Modified slightly the ReportGraph element. The trace is now not selected any more by default.
- Improved Settings element. Before it was saving system settings and then overwriting them on the target computer, which should not happen (it is supposed to be used to access/set/get current settings).
- Improved/fixed how DoubleFloat and Float pipes are initialized on dynamic inputs/outputs.
- Improved On/Off input in VideoFilePlayer. Before, the first pause (first FALSE input) didn't always work.
- Fixed a bug on a chart vertical scale, if the height of the scale was more then 1000 pixels the scale was clipped before.
- Improved DoubleFloat version of Oscilloscope and Polygraph.
- Improved InputText, the output 'Accepted' now properly sends a logical value when the text has been entered.
- Added new option in TextToScalar, which allows to get length of the input text.
- Added new system option "Designer window on start", which allows to preselect designer window state after a design is loaded.
- Improved how real time measurement responds to an unexpected Windows clock change.
- Improved TextFileWriter so that it works with environment variables in the path.
- Added new element: FtdiSerialPort (and removed Usb_FTDI). It can be used to access an FTDI device by its description or serial number.
- Fixed the Tools/SessionReport menu options in designer. They stopped working when new options were added to SessionReport designs in 2.3.138.
- Fixed DeviceSet for devices working with serial port, broken during recent reorganization.
- Improved reinitialization of a single element when the system setting "Reinitialize all element on any property change" is not set.
- Added new option in design settings "Input buffer length", which (if set above 0) then overrides the same option (for this design) in system settings.
- Improved example SessionReport designs. Now it is possible to pass edf/xdf file as a argument to this design and it will be loaded automatically.
- Improved efficiency of the SessionReport data loading process (using the above option), now it can be as much as 50 times faster.
- Improved/fixed connection reinitialization inside nested design.
- Improved connection reinitialization, this was quite significant change in core. It should help with elements which temporarily change their pipes (e.g. DeviceSet), so that connections are restored properly, when the original pipes are back. 
- Added new element AbsTime. More information can be found in manual.
- Added new element: NonuniformTimeTransform. It accepts time intervals as input values and calculates time based on them (not input rate nor real time). Can be used to calcualte some HRV metrics like SDNN.
- Fixed DeviceSet bug introduced in previous version along with the new dialog.
- Added new option in DeviceSet: "Show warning when there is no data", set by default (uncheck it to restore previous behavior). If set, and there is no data arriving from the selected device during last 5 seconds, a dialog is shown with a message. See manual for more details.
- Added new input in TimeInterval to allow set the time and trigger it in the same time.
- Improved EDFFileWriter, so that the maximum header (saved) value is 32767 (not 32768 as before).
- Improved TimeSource, output unit is now 's' or 'ms'
- Improved FFTTransform, removed default physical unit which was set before to "uV", now it is the same as at input.
- Improved DeviceSet device list configuration. Before (after a new device was added or removed) it wasn't preserving settings which had to configured manually again.
- Improved color (scope) configuration in VectorDisplay. The last defined range was sometimes using invalid color.
- More improvements in MitsarQEEG element.
- Fixed problem with float elements in previous version.
- Improved DeviceSet, last change caused undesider side effect
- Regenerated float elements to allow the float VectorDisplay work.
- Improvements VectorDisplay: now color scopes have float precision.
- Improvements in MitsarQEEG element.
- Some improvements in DeviceSet element.
- Added Mitsar device to the DeviceSet list.
- Added new design setting option to allow sign current design against a device's serial number (if provided by the device).
- Added support for new QEEG device: Mitsar EEG-201 with 25 channels.
- Improved Polygraph's vertical scale. In "separately distributed" mode when descriptions were on the left the vertical scale was improperly drawn.
- Fixed broken version 2.3.124
- Added new "Post Action" mode in ProperySetter: Stop-Set-Reinit-Start All. It is similar to ReinitAll mode, but the design is Stopped before the target property is changed.
- Improved StreamToVector2, now the output rate is calcualated in the element.
- Added more new info to the diagnostic file: currently loaded design.
- Added new info to diagnostic file: list of currently active devices along with their ports.
- Improved how nested charts (charts created from nested designs) are resized. Before this change only the FILL mode (the default) was working perfectly, other modes were wrong under some conditions.
- Important: Changed core function which retrieves current chart size, this might have an impact on how charts/ are sized.
- Added new resizing option: PROPORTIONAL. When set, then resized chart keeps its aspect ratio (vertical/horizontal dimension ratio is constant).
- Improved TextToScalar
- Added new option in Threshold element to allow remember last input threshold value.
- Improved the NumericDisplay, the bar was in some cases moving too slowly when dragged by mouse.
- Fixed broken version 2.3.114.
- Updated driver for Alpha400.
- Improved Generator, so that it is possible to change volume smoothly without sound distortion.
- Fixed Polygraph problem with one channel.
- Fixed a problem with the CustomElement example.
- Improved ExcelFileWriter, so that it can accpet enironment variables in the file path.
- Fixed DesignInteractor, recently addded option was not properly executed.
- Added new system setting: "Exit without save". If set then design is not saved and no dialog is shown.
- Added new option in DesignInteractor to allow load a design in a predefined folder.
- Added new element: USB_FTDI, it can replace SerialPort if connected to a device built on FTDI chip.
- Added new field: Path in the DesignInfo element.
- Added a better quality midi soundbank in the full version.
- Fixed a bug on Designer's toolbar, the View/Edit menus were not shown.
- Fixed MidiScale broken in the last build.
- Fixed a bug in how Histogram is calculated in VectorInstantTransform
- Added new option in DesignInteractor to allow save current design with a dialog.
- Improved "Show Runtime"/"Hide runtime" menu option.
- Improved example designs, session time was invalid in case of 1 and 1/2 hour.
- Added new device to J&J family.
- Improved some elements which contain file path (e.g. DesignInteractor, FileDialog etc). Now it is possible to use Windows environment variables in the path, e.g. %userprofile%/myfolder to get folder in the current user profile. This change can be deactivated in System Properties if it causes unexpected side effects. Note: not all elements may have been updated, so let me know if you found one.
- Improved recently updated J&J driver.
2.3.97, 2.3.98
- Small improvements and build fixes.
- Added suport for new device in J&J driver: Physiolab 8.
- Improved GainInteractor for Polygraph, now it checks better when a chart refresh is required. This change can reduce chart flickering in some modes.
- Improved/fixed entering design password with 
- Design signature file is now saved in the main folder (instead of asking user to select the file name).
- Fixed "Quick intro" execution.
- Another attempt to fix one problem with Polygraph and not break anything else.
- Improved option to set design signature (allow the design to execute only on designated dongles).
- Fixed an issue occurring during a load of a very old designs. Before this change, such a design was not loading at all. Now it loads and only some (non-existing) elements are skipped.
- Fixed a version number improperly created in 2.3.91
- Fixed label in InputText.
- Fixed a bug when the "Image border" property was set (under ChartProperties/Colors)
- Improved online licensing routines.
- Fixed a bug in Polygraph, the scale was in some cases invalid for unbalanced (0..N) signals.
- Improved ezusb driver.
- Updated all DLL libraries and redistributable installer. 
- If you install Upgrade 2.2.186 or later, make sure to install also the redistributable: http://bioera.net/downloads/2.2_redist/vcredist_x86.exe 
- If you install Upgrade 2.3.86 or later, make sure to install first the FULL version 2.3.86 or later
- If you have a custom installer, make sure you install a new updated redistributable: http://bioera.net/downloads/2.2_redist/vcredist_x86.exe 
- Final touches in Neurobit driver.
- Fixed a minor bug in previously improved SourceSelector. The new option was always on, now it is configurable.
- Tested new launcher available in 2.3, everything is looking good.
- Improved SourceSelector, now it can (optionally) request ReinitAll if the input signal characteristic has changed. If this is set, then the PropertySetter which selects input should use option ReinitTarget. 
- Improved example designs, they start faster now (reinitialize less often then before) because of the above change.
- Experimental and only 2.3 (not 2.2). Modified BioEra launcher permission level. Now it doesn't require administration privileges, which means that user (on Vista) doesn't have confirm each start of bioera. Note: if you have a custom installer, you must set full access to the entire installation folder, otherwise it will not work. 
- Fixed a minor resizing issue, it was occuring only under very specific conditions.
- Fixed transparency bug introduced in 2.3.77
- Fixed a resizing bug introduced recently in 2.3.74
- Fixed a problem in DeviceSet introduced recently.
- Improved background rendering in InputComboList. Now the background can be transparent and controlled from ChartProperties.
- One more change in the core. Now when an element failed during initialization, it can't be started (it has to be reinited again and successfully). Because such a start could cause an unpredicted behavior (like a crash).
- One more change in the core. Now on each start, elements which failed during previous initialization are reinitialized again (and started if initilization successfull).
- Removed debugging info on the console.
- Modifed slightly the core, now when processing is stopped, all deactivated elements are activated, so that they can be started next (before only some deactivated elements were reactivated, not all).
- Added new options in ChartLine to allow draw thicker line.
- Improved debugging statements in order to find a problem with chart size improperly set to 0.
- Fixed DVDPlayer broken in 2.3.71
- Major deployment and resizing improvements in FlashPlayer, WMPlayer, VLCPlayer. 
- Minor resizing change in VideoPlayer. 
- Fixed a recent bug in DeviceSet.
- Fixed a problem with Flash 10.1 plugin.
- Minor improvements in flash code.
- Added a new dialog on Exit to select whether or not to save current design.
- Added a new option is System Settings to allow skip the above dialog (and always save the design on exit as before this change).
- Improved/fixed Vector Property element so that it provides correct vector size and can be used with PropertySetter.
- A few improvements in WMVideoFilePlayer
- Improved error handling in PCMAudioPlayer
- Improved XmlFileReader, now it can read Xml file encodes with Unicode.
- Improved how driver elements are loaded into a design, some of them can be loaded only once and that is now checked and signaled to the user.
- More improvements in new Neurobit device's driver.
- More improvements in new Neurobit device's driver.
- Modified the "Index" output's signal properties in ComboToolbarControl. Now it is properly scaled to 0, 1 etc.
- Added new option in ElementInteractor: Stop-Reinit-Start.
- More improvements in new Optima device's driver.
- Another fix in the Float4 mode in NumericDisplay.
- Added warning printed on the console if there is more then one PCMAudioPlayer in the same design.
- Fixed the Float4 mode in NumericDisplay.
- Removed requirement in the PCMMixer so that it could only be connected to PCMAudioPlayer. Now it can be connected to anything.
- Added support for new device: Optima.
- Improved PCMAudioPlayer, under certain (very rare) condition it was throwing error.
- Improved Flash and WMVideoFilePlayer so that they do not exit under any condition.
- Improved InputCheckbox, now it sends selected state (true or false) on start.
- Improved internal memory allocation in PCMAudioPlayer.
- Added new variables in ExpressionEvaluator: LastIn1, LastIn2 etc, which store previou values. Also added function getLastResult() which can be used in the expression to get the previous output value.
- Added new system setting to allow disable warning about design version newer then BioEra version.
- Improved how chart in a detached window is sized. Before, a hidden (after start) chart's size was improperly calculated when made visible.
- Improved a few native libraries in dll so that they return more meaningful exit codes.
- Updated/rebuilt most dll files which come with BioEra.
- IMPORTANT: 2.2 requires additional installation: www.bioera.net/downloads/2.2_redist/vcredist_x86.exe 
- Added new system setting: Detached window position. To allow automatic positioning of a detached window (chart in separate dialog/frame) on the screen.
- Added new option in NestedProperties: Immutable. If set, then such nested design will never be saved.
- Improved PCMAudioPlayer when used with data providers (blue lines) so that all paths to the PCMAudioPlayer are processed (before only first found path was processed).
- Added new option in Button: "On hold". If set, then the output value is repeated while the button is pressed.
- Improved WMVideoFilePlayer so that it works properly with VideoToolbar and retrieves media Duration timely.
- IMPORTANT: with version 2.2, the above change requires additional installation: www.bioera.net/downloads/2.2_redist/vcredist_x86.exe 
- Improved VideoFilePlayer, so that it plays (and controls) properly long (more then a few hours) video files.
- IMPORTANT: with version 2.2, the above change requires additional installation: www.bioera.net/downloads/2.2_redist/vcredist_x86.exe 
- Improved Slider so that it shows (and controls) properly larger ranges.
- Fixed a bug in SoundFileReader occurring for some mp3 files.
- Added new element: DesignInfo, it provides name of the currently loaded design.
- Improved SourceSelector. Now it doesn't clear input buffers during start, so it can be used also with initialization values (those sent during start).
- Improved Filter element. Now if the configured high frequency is above Rate/2, then it is automatically (internally during filter initialization) changed to Rate/2. Before this change Filter element was generating error during reinit.
- Reverted to the previous version of drivers for J&J C2++ device. New version was causing unexpected problems on some computers.
- Modified slightly how interactive properties are being set.
- Now in Polygraph, when the "Trace colors" interactive property is set, the colors are updated permanently in element properties (before it was temporary until the next reinit/restart). That way this option can be used to change the color of entire trace with "Reinit Target" option in PropertySetter.
- now the BioEra version with dongle can be executed on Virtual Machine (the single computer license is not allowed).
- fixed the "Search Element" option. It didn't work with the "Class" field set.
- changed scroll bar policy on Designer window so that it should be always visible.
- Recompiled and improved Filter routines. Previous version could crash under some conditions.
- Upgraded java 1.6 version to build 18 (before it was build 17).
- Added Visual Studio redistributable files installer to BioEra installer.
- Fixed pause problem in VideoFilePlayer, it wasn't behaving properly if main pause was used together with ON/OFF input.
- Added more detailed info printed on console in XmlFilwWriter if there is a problem with reading/parsing the xml file.
- Fixed TextToScalar, the signal range was inadverently modified recently.
- Fixed bh-Coherence nested design broken recently.
- Fixed ImageDisplay, in some configurations it was displaying black dot in the center.
- Fixed TextValue, the "Send on start" option was not working.
- Added XmlFileWriter and updated manual how to use it.
- Fixed text positioning in NumericDisplay which was broken recently in 2.3.22
- Added low battery indicator output in PN_Pendant and PN_Pocket driver elements.
- Improved ChartLine element in order to avoid occasional flicker.
- Improved ChartLayoutManager
- Added a resource nested design: VideoToolbar, it can be used to control VideoFilePlayer. Updated example design with Video feedback.
- Fixed a problem in ImageDisplay introduced recently.
- Improved EDFFileWriter, so that it is compliant with EDF+ standard which doesn't allow extended ASCII characters, in particular [micro] sign is replaced by 'u'.
- Improved NumericDisplay, now it displays time properly also in physical mode (before only digi was possible).
- Added new option in CharProperties(Backrgound ImageLayout): TILE MARGINS, if set then background image only fill margins, and background color fill chart's center.
- Added new option in ChartProperties: 'Show vert scale', if set then scale is added between description and axis.
- Added new option in ChartProperties: 'Name label position', it allows to customize position of the chart name (before it was possible only on top-right corner).
- Improved ImageDisplay.
- ReportGraph can now handle separate amplitude scale for each trace (this allows to zoom individual trace).
- ReportGraph: now it is possible to select each individual trace (which is then highlighted), and there are more options to zoom on the right click menu.
- ReportGraph: if selection is done on chart's margin, then only one dimension is zoomed (amplitude or time)
- ReportGraph: if selection is done on the right margin, then only currently selected channel is zoomed.
- ReportTable: a click on the left row header selects trace on the ReportGraph now.
- Added super advanced option in NestedDesign: "Process in separate thread". This option should be used with utmost care, it may cause unexpected side effects. It can benefit only on multi core processors.
- Added new element: LogicalTimeTransform. As opposed to ScalarTimeTransform, it operates on logical states only.
- Renamed "Sleep time [ms]" option in design settings to "Loop time [ms]".
- Now the InputText element can be also triggered by keyboard when typed: Enter.
- Added a few new options and improvements in ReportGraph. 
- Added one more session report example design and simplified current one.
- Improved core element: ComboList which is used in properties to show a drop down list of items.
- Modified 'Notice' element so that it displays element's name in dialog's title.
- Added new experimental (but tested and working well) design setting: Sleep time [%] (alternative to current Sleep time [ms]), it may be better if low processor usage is critical on every computer. More info in manual.
- Added new input in VideoFilePlayer: Zoom.
- Now the XDFFileReader can read both from XDF and EDF files.
- Improved CharLine, in some cases (scroll mode) the level line was flickering.
- Added a first version of HRV nested (bh-HRV) element. It contains also a Heart Rate detector, it can receive input data either from an ECG signal or raw (millis) RR intervals.
- Added new output on WindowInteractor: Visible.
- Added new input on WindowInteractor: Request Focus.
- Adjusted amplitde calculation in Filter.
- Fixed a small bug in nested processor core.
- Improved Copy/Past operation in Designer. Now all connections betweed selected elements (even if not selected) are also copied.
- Added new logical output in ElementInfo. It shows whether the element's chart is visible.
- Improved dialog's vertical-to-horizontal size ratio. Before, dialogs were sometimes too high and narrow.
- Improved/modified VideoFilePlayer and DVDPlayer in order to avoid crash when video codec is not available in system.
- Modified properties in ExcelFileReader, if you are using make sure to retest it. Now it allows to set output signal ranges more precisely.
- Improved/modified bioera launcher, now each invalid exit code is displayed on a dialog message before bioera exits. This should prevent bioera ever from a silent exit due to an error.
- Reorganized exit codes across all BioEra. The exit code range is now from 0 to 2048.
- Improved FlashPlayer, VlcPlayer and WMPlayer, now they notify error if Windows component is not installed. Before this change they were crashing in some cases.
- Added option in system settings to let increase designer's editable area size.
- Added new advanced property in EDFFileReader: "Max samples per iteraction", it may be useful to process data quickly in batch mode.
- The (previously read only) interactive properties in EDFFileReader/XDFFileReader can now be used also to set current position: "Current time [s]" and "Current position [%]".
- Fixed a minor bug in GainInteractor, buffer rotation wasn't propery done (but this could rarely happen).
- Improved/fixed mouse threshold setting on BarDisplay. Before, the vertical coordinate was shifted upwards.
- Added NestedDesignSelector which loads only one of the selected nested designs. At this moment change of selection requires a restart, so this can be useful as static (constant) nested design selection. Others nested design are not loaded at all, so there is no overhead or memory loss.
- Finished improvements in VideoFilePlayer started (and described) in 2.3.5
- Improved bioera launcher, so that it starts now with administrator rights.
- Improved ChartLine, before it could have causes a problem in the destination Oscilloscope when "Vertical cursor" was selected.
- Created version 2.2.106, which is the same as 2.3.6 but with java 1.5 which may be faster in some cases. Consecutive versions may be created the same way (the same last number means the bioera revision).
- Improved the Time output behavior in VideoFilePlayer, WMVideoFilePlayer and VlcVideoPlayer, so that is always outputs the last second when the video has already rewind to the beginning (during the loop play).
- Modified/improved DialogFile. Now the first dialog initialization is during its first start (before it was during design load).
- Fixed version check control, it was improperly comparing versions above X.X.100.
- Fixed folder path issue introduced in 2.3.0.
- Modified bioera.exe launcher, it may increse overall processing performance.
- Improved ChartLine, now it reacts when the target element (like Oscilloscope) has been modified/reinited (e.g. changed amplitude range).
- Fixed a library problem introduced in 2.3.0 which prevented it from normal operation.
- Released new major version 2.3. It includes new (upgraded) libraries (java 1.6).
- Implemented and tested on Windows 7.
- Reworked access to files. Now more strict rules applies to file paths. There should be no impact (except as descrived below), but pay close attention to your created files (if they are in same folders as before).
- Modified how '-log' command line option takes file name, now a path (not just file name) is required. If you are using this option, see how this is done in the start_console.bat file.

The 2.2 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev22.html
The 2.1 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev21.html
The 2.0 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev20.html
The 2.1 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev21.html
The 2.0 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev20.html