- Modified singal ranges in VectorToScalar2.
- Fixed Scheduler, it was working improperly on the day of the day time change.
- Improved auto gain option in GainInteractor. Scale is now better adjusted when signal's amplitude remains constant.
- Fixed a bug in ScalarToLogical
- Improved Oscilloscope and Polygraph behavior when input rate is 0.
- Added VlcVideoPlayer, compatible with both current video players which works on top of the popular VLC player.
- Improved designer icons, now their position is independent from their text title on top.
- Fixed a bug in PCMPlayer, it could occur when mixing several sounds in STEREO mode (two channel inputs connected).
- Added new element: Scheduler. It allows to perform custom action (start, stop etc) at any time during the day.
- Added TimeProperty, it stores time in format HH:MM:SS and sends seconds.
- Improved PropertyGetter, now the DIGI_FLOAT mode can read float properties.
- BioEra dongle is now not being checked on A: and B: drives which are reserved for floppy drives.
- Left double mouse click with Control button pressed opens now Chart Properties.
- Modifed (read only) field in EDFFileReader: 'Recording length', removed '[s]' from the end.
- Modified EDFFileReader, now it can read only from files with .edf extension.
- Fixed bugs in VectorExpressionEvaluator and BufferedVectorPipe
- Fixed a pause bug in SoundFileReader.
- Add new Advanced Property in Oscilloscope, Polygrap and ReportGraph: 'Horizontal auto scale'. If set (not by default), the time scale (if unit is [s]) shows in format HH:MM:SS.
- Added Nnew command line option '-activateusb'. If used, then activation is only with USB dongle and there is no question about Internet activation.
- Added new field in ReportGraph: 'Show actual recording time'. If set, then actual time of the recording is shown on the graph (assuming the data comes from a source which provides such info, e.g. EDFFileReader).
- Added support for new measurement device: Elab
- restored the DayTimer element removed in last version.
- GainInteractor can now auto range Vector3DDisplay.
- Added XmlNetServerEvent, it can be connected to XmlNetServer to send custom created text events.
- Removed elements: DayTimer and DayTimeCoincidence
- Started adding auto-names to some elements. An auto-name is automatically created, if the 'Name' property is not set (is empty). Implemented in ExpressionEvaluator, TimeTransform and InstantTransform, CMixer, ColorSet, CustomInteractor, Decimator, Delay, DeviceSet, Filter.
- Improved how Designer icons are rendered.
- Removed FileStorageWriter and FileStorageReader
- Added new elements: XDFFileWriter and XDFFileReader with proprietary (but open) data format. They are almost identical to EDF elements, but allow to save/read up to 32bit data (EDF is only 16 bit) saved as float.
- Added popup menu with useful element commands when right mouse is clicked over a chart editor (only in edit mode).
- Added support for new EEG device: Alpha400.
- more imrovements in Topograph, an example in real time: bioera.net/gallery/designs/topograph.png
- Added new 'Tag' input in XmlFileReader to allow easier access to xml file content.
- Added new property in Topograph: Influence. It allows to configure level of influence between points.
- Added new advanced property in Topograph: 'Active area image path'. This image (if set) can set active area from default rectangle to any geometical shape.
- GainInteractor can now control (auto range) also VectorDisplay.
- Added new Auto option in GainInteractor: 'Attach base'. When selected and when signal range is unbalanced (0 to max), then only the upper amplitude is auto-ranged (bottom is set to 0).
- Improved VectorDisplay, it wasn't property displaying higer number (over 2048) of bins.
- Added new element: Topograph. It displays topography map in real time. Can be useful especially for QEEG.
- Added new element: StateDebugger, useful to test initialization/state order/change in larger designs.
- Fixed a bug in Filter caused inadvertently in 2.2.86
- Fixed synch problem in the recently added PN_Pulse1.
- Added support for a new device: PN_Pulse1.
- Added support for Databases: SQLWriter and SQLReader. They can write/read to/from an SQL database. Tested with MySQL 5.1, but should work with any SQL database.
- Added support for a new device: WaveRider.
- Improved too long delay in DialogFile.
- Added new element: DialogFile. It has more advanced options then CustomInteractor, e.g. allows to select folder, file filter etc.
- Improved Polygraph, fixe 'faked buffer' error message.
- Improved Device install wizard.
- Improved EDFFileWriter to prevent range overload.
- Fixed unipolar range problem in Filter, before only bipolar range was handled.
- Improved label background in Polygraph, now it can be transparent (before it was solid color only).
- Improved Copy/Past and Export/Import operations. Now all selected connections between elements are properly copied.
- Improved chart editor mode, when a chart editor is selected, then also icon of the owner element on the designer is selected.
- Modified/improved PropertySetter. Now it can access properties from the destination element only connected to its event pipe (blue BOTTOM pipe). The input event pipe (blue LEFT) can be used only as an interface (e.g. to a nested design).
- Updated BH-Coherence nested design.
- Improved Oscilloscope. If a value is out of amplitude range, then it is clipped (to min or max), so that it is always visible.
- Removed VideoFilePlayerOld
- Improved EDF range warning introduced in version 2.2.73
- Added new option in TextTransform: MD5, it encodes input string as MD5.
- Added new interactive property in WMVideoFilePlayer to allow mute audio.
- Added new property type in PropertyGetter and PropertySetter: 'Element Notes', to allow get/set the element name and other fields on this tab.
- Refactored some core code. There is a small chance this was affected: all drop-down lists (combo list).
- Improved EDFFileWriter and EDFFileReader. Now they can write/read signals with different signal ranges per channel (before the range was the same for all channels).
- Improved Polygraph, now the inputs signals may have different signal ranges per channel (the rate must be the same).
- Modified how ImagePrinter prints, before every input image was printed. Now added new input "Print" which has to be triggered to print the last image.
- Added new options in ImagePrinter: Page Setup and Print Preview
- Updated example SessionReport design.
- Added new event in RouteGame (number 2) which indicates game has been completed (came to the end).
- Added new option in WindowInteractor to center chart (in separate dialog) on the screen.
- Added new option in ReportTable to allow show/hide individual traces.
- Fixed broken version 2.2.69
- Added new element: ReportGraph, it can be useful for reporting and analysing data after it has been captured. Data is shown on chart after stop.
- Added a small improvement in PCMAudioPlayer.
- Improved how file names are shown on title bar (on Designer or Runtime window), before they were lower-case, now they are case sensitive.
- Added a new trigger option in PropertyGetter, based on the state on the target element. E.g. the 'Element is Deactivated' trigger is useful to indicate end-of-file in EDFFileReader (or other data readers) immediately after this happens.
- Renamed ProgressBarDisplay to BarDisplay2. Improved it so that it works identically like BarDisplay, but horizontally.
- Added new option in WindowInteractor: 'Center on parent window'. It can be useful to automatically center chart (in detached dialog) on the runtime window.
- Added new option in WindowInteractor: 'Undecorated'. When set the window is shown without title. Note: can be used ONLY when chart property 'Show chart on start' is not set.
- Added a way to create printable Reports. Added example SessionReport design and a 'Reports' paragraph in manual which describe the process.
- Redesigned auto range function in GainInteractor with Oscilloscope (others e.g. Polygraph will follow later). See more details in manual under GainInteractor chapter.
- Improved auto gain in Oscilloscope for very small ranges.
- Slightly modified Ocz-Nia driver.
- GainInteractor in Auto mode can now be used with BarDisplay.
- Improved auto gain in Oscilloscope.
- More improvements and fixes in BarDisplay.
- Fixed BarDisplay broken during last conversion in 2.2.62
- Converted BarDisplay to the new amplitude property (like done previously in Oscilloscope and Polygraph)
- Added automatic between incompatible pipes. Before a dialog with error was shown. Now a converter is added and embedded into the connection between pipes (such connection has different color and allows to show/hide the embedded element).
- Made some minor improvements in core, functionally there should be no impact.
- Fixed broken version 2.2.58
- Modified slightly OSInfo, if you used it with PropertySetter you may need to readjust the property name.
- Added new tab on each element's properties: 'Element'. It contains 'Name' field (moved from 'Settings' tab), and also a new text field: 'Notes'.
- Improved nested charts
- Improved Polygraph scrolling. Before, the reinitialization of the Polygraph was not refreshing scroll scale.
- Modified how charts are set visible, this fixed a problem with InputText visibility.
- Improved/fixed InputText element, it was not displayed properly in a separate Dialog when 'multiline' was selected.
- Improved bioera version detection used with options added in 2.2.52
- Reverted change in PropertySetter done in 2.2.46, now the destination property is referenced during reinitialization and also start (before only reinitialization) to make sure any changes in destination element are reflected.
- Improved TextFileReader, now it outputs empty text if the file is empty (before it was generating error).
- Modified/improved core of the dialogs, this could affect DialogText, DialogCombo, NoticeYesNo and other popup dialogs.
- Added new option in Design Settings: 'Required minimal BioEra version', if set, then this design will not start with an older BioEra version then specified here.
- Added a warning (and selection query) during BioEra start when the loaded design was created in higher BioEra version.
- Fixed mouse click response in FlashPlayer.
- Improved resolution in BrainMasterAtlantis element.
- Added option in RangeMapper 'Normalize output signal' which is selected by default and normalizes the signal properties. To go back to previous state, it has to be cleared.
- Improved the recent fix in core in 2.2.47.
- Improved BrainMasterAtlantis element.
- Fixed a bug in new VideoFilePlayer.
- Fixed a problem in a core. Now the reinit of an deactivated element does not automatically activate it during processing. Such an element has to be started to be activated.
- Added interactive property in Polygraph to allow change trace colors.
- Improved charts, so that after minimize/normalize action traces on kept on charts (before they were lost).
- Improved Polygraph fill mode with solid color
- added advanced Polygraph property 'Scroll background', if set then background is scrolled along with the trace
- improved the Polygraph reinit in scroll mode, before it was causing a noticable interruption, now it is smooth
- Oscilloscope was updated to reflect the above change
- added a few improvements in the scrolling features which were added in previous version.
- Added advanced Polygraph property 'Scroll Grid' (if not set, then only the trace is scrolled).
- Added advanced Polygraph property 'Scroll horizontal scale' (works only with the left scroll mode).
- Added ChartScaleInteractor. It allows to change the scale without reiniting the element. Can be useful for frequent scale changes (reinit takes time).
- Changed letter 'u' to 'micro' in several signal properties (in source devices drivers).
- Added Meter, a simpler to use and limited version of NumericDisplay.
- Fixed advanced property offset in Polygraph.
- Added advanced option 'Auto range vertical scale' in Polygraph.
- Added advanced option 'Auto range vertical scale' in Oscilloscope.
- Added advanced option 'Auto range' in NumericDisplay.
- Fix scale range set in Polygraph.
- Added new mode in Polygraph under 'Traces' list: 'Separately distributed'. It is similar to 'Evenly distributed', but trace areas are fully separate and do not overlap on each other.
- Fixed manual offset setting in Polygraph (broken due to recent auto gain options)
- Fixed problem with Mute in VideoFilePlayer
- Improved ChartLine, it wasn't showing zero value right after start
- Added 'Remember last state' in ComboToolbarControl
- Renamed DVDPlayer to DVDPlayerOld
- Renamed DVDPlayerNew to DVDPlayer
- Renamed VideoFilePlayer to VideoFilePlayerOld
- Renamed VideoFilePlayerNew to VideoFilePlayer
- Improved some advanced options in Polygraph (used in fill mode).
- Fixed DVDPlayerNew broken in 2.2.34
- Modified DVDPlayerNew so that it starts back from the first chapter after a stop-start (before it was starting from the previously played chapter).
- More small improvements in WM video/dvd players
- Improved EDFFileReader, now information about patient is loaded during reinit (not start as before).
- Improved WMDVDPlayer.
- Improved WMVideoFilePlayer.
- Modified slightly EDFFileWriter, now if the output file path has been changed after start then the output file will be renamed during stop.
- Modified slightly and rebuilt: Video, DVD and Flash elements.
- Fixed a bug in ChartLine.
- Improved 'Fill modes' in advanced properties of Polygraph. Now it is possible to fill area under the trace with a gradient color. See manual for more details.
- Added support for new device: Ocz-Nia.
- Added new Auto option in GainInteractor: 'Center signal'. It can be applied only with 'One scale for all channels'. It is useful to compare signals which have similar amplitude but very different DC offset (offset is removed). 
- Improved DVDPlayerNew, the delay to output current chapter after is has been changed has been decreased.
- Added advanced property 'Output rate' in all Video and DVD elements. From now on all the output values (e.g. chapter number, time etc) are sent at this rate.
- Added option 'One scale scale for all channels' in GainInteractor (useful to compare signals when auto gain is active).
- Improved Top/Bottom percent margin calculation in GainInteractor.
- Added option 'Vertical cursor' in ChartLine which allows to draw vertical line at the last cursor position in Redraw or Overlap display mode on Oscilloscope or Polygraph.
- Fixed scale values calculation used with Auto gain (GainInteractor) in Polygraph.
- Added two new options in GainInteractor for Auto Gain: Top margin and Bottom margin.
- Improved scale trace markup and description when put on top of the Polygraph chart.
- Added SetInfo, can be connected to any Set element (e.g. TextSet) and provide fields Count (which allows for example to iterate over all fields).
- Added DesignArguments, it provides the list of command line arguments (if any). Can be useful for batch or automated processing.
- More improvements and changes in GainInteractor Auto mode. Now it detects also offset and centers the signal to the visible area.
- Added advanced property in Polygraph 'Mouse selects scale'. If set then mouse click over a trace will show vertical scale correspondingly to this trace. By default it is set, clear it to keep previous behavior (it has no use if all polygraph scales are the same).
- Added advanced properties in Polygraph 'Channel amplitude max' and 'Channel amplitude min'. It sets visible range for a channel (range and offset is automatically calculated after that)
- Added new read only field in advanced properties of EDFWriter which contains output file name. It can be useful when option 'Unique name' is selected to get actual output file name.
- Removed Level1, Level2 inputs in Oscilloscope. The same function can be now accomplished using additional ChartLine element.
- Added ChartLine element, it allows to draw a line on a destination chart, currently only Oscilloscope and Polygraph are implemented.
- Added DVDPlayerNew and VideoFilePlayerNew, they will replace their previous versions if no problems are found.
- Added InputList, new interactive element to show a list of items.
- Created C# SDK to allow .NET applications interfacing with BioEra, more info: http://bioera.net/sdk.html
- Created Trial version which now has no time limit after installation, but instead it stops 30 seconds after start.
- Improved the previosly added resize option in Slider so that the resized slider image can be transparent.
- it is now possible to set negative scales in Oscilloscope and Polygraph (negative number on top of the scale and positive on bottom) in advanced properties.
- added advanced option in Slider to allow resize the slider image when the Slider chart is resized.
- Added new element WindowInteractor, it allows to customize properties of a Window (Frame or Dialog) where chart is put to (if selected in chart properties to put chart on another frame or dialog).
- fixed offset precision in Polygraph
- Improved EDFWriter, so that it saves the start time of the recording (not stop as before).
- Improved WMVideoFilePlayer.
- Improved how signal rate is calculated in Timer and Buffer.
- Fixed another bug in WMDVDPlayer introduced in 2.2.9 which could crash the player.
- Fixed a bug in WMDVDPlayer introduced in 2.2.9.
- Added advanced proeprty in Polygraph to allow set amplitude range individual for each trace.
- Added border color configuration in advanced properties of Slider.
- 'Auto' option in GainInteractor works now also for Polygraph.
- Fixed On/Off control in MIDI, it was negated.
- Reverted deeper the DVDPlayer change.
- Improved how window size is remembered, now maximized windows are also maximized after restart.
- Improved WMDVDPlayer so that time consuming operations are asynchronous and do not introduce any delay during processing.
- Reverted recent change in DVDPlayer (in 2.2.2), it was causing a problem with DVD menu.
- added new element: DataToText. It allows very flexible input data concatenation and formatting.
- Fixed problems in Oscilloscope introduced in previous version
- Added 'Auto' option in GainInteractor to allow automatic gain control on Oscilloscope (Polygraph is not implemented yet).
- Changed (simplified) how amplitude range is set in Oscilloscope and Polygraph, if you used 'uV' unit then there is no impact, otherwise you need to convert to [uV] (or a physical unit). There is no digital or percent scale to select any more.
- Improved ExcelFileWriter, the output file is not created when only header has been written (but no data).
- Improved behavior of a chart put in a separate dialog/frame, so that name change (e.g. from PropertySetter) is also done on the dialog/frame title.
- Reorganized 3D initialization, now it should be faster, possibly even by a few seconds
- Fixed the startup problem in 2.2.3
- Optimized (decreased) BioEra start time (could be a few seconds).
- Fixed a problem in Vector3DDisplay when put on a separate dialog.
- More internal improvements in WMDVDPlayer and VideoFilePlayer.
- Improved nested design with Coherence.
- More internal improvements in WMDVDPlayer.
- Improved synchronization in WMDVDPlayer.

The 2.1 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev21.html
The 2.0 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev20.html