- Released version 2.2
- Improved synchronization in WMDVDPlayer.
- Improved VideoFilePlayer, repeated starts were causing a memory leak before.
- Added support for new device: BrainMaster Atlantis.
- Added options to Align and Resize group of selected charts.
- Fixed how 'New Design' is created.
- Improved native part of the DVDPlayer and VideoFilePlayer
- Added more options in image processing, including an experimental ImageFaceDetector element.
- Replaced chart axis with an internal border. Added system setting 'Show chart internal border' which can be unchecked to restore previous state (with axis).
- Improved borders painted around charts (made them better looking)
- Improved how chart names are painted. Removed border around chart's name.
- Fixed one more problem due to removed 'immediate' mode
- Improved trace decription placement on Polygraph
- Improved and tested all example designs.
- Fixed some problems due to removed 'immediate' mode: modified SystemInteractor and 'controls.bpd' nested design
- Added new option in ElementInteractor to put a chart in a full (undecorated) screen.
- Added new element PreProcessor, it can be used to process elements before main start. Removed GroupInteractor which had a similar but less solid function.
- Cleaned more code used before for 'Immediate' mode
- Fixed a bug in vertical Slider, its orientation got reversed
- Chart name is now painted on top of the axis.
- Added new option to 'Background image layout' in chart properties: 'FIT'. If set, then chart size is set the same as background image size (if set).
- More improvemements in DVDPlayer.
- Removed 'Immediate' options in all triggered elements (there were used for actions becore processing started).
- Improved default graphics in Slider (used when no image is set).
- Improved core processor event handling
- Improved the way how events are sent from Button/ToggleButton
- Improved event handling in DVDPlayer
- Removed InteractiveScalarSource, it can be substituted by: Button + Sequencer
- More improvements in WMDVDPlayer.
2.1.89, 2.1.90
- Improved WMVideoPlayer so it properly handles interactive properties before it has been started or shown.
- Modified how X-axis and Y-axis are drawn on charts. Now if both (X & Y) are visible, then two additional lines are drawn on the right and top side of the chart (so this makes a rectangle).
- Deprecated the following options (they have no effect any more) in ElementInteractor: Activate, Disactivate, Activate/Disactivate and Stop-Deactivate. Options Stop and Start should be used instead.
- Fixed a problem when dynamic pipes (e.g. in Polygraph) were connected to interface pipes inside nested design, introduced in 2.1.82
- Added system setting to allow set default border for all charts (by default it is not set)
- Improved WMDVDPlayer, so that it sends error when there is no DVD in drive.
- Implemented option to set border on a chart (available to set in Chart Properties).
- Fixed 'Overlap' mode broken yesterday.
- Improve 'Reload design' option
- Added interactive properties to WMVideoFilePlayer.
- Perfected scroll mode in Oscilloscope and Polygraph. Removed small gaps that were on the trace before.
- Added routine which checks whether a nested design source has been modified and asks user to reset the nested design. This is only for mode "Load/save local properties".
- Fixed a display bug in Slider.
- Improved PropertyGetter and PropertySetter. Now they signal 'NotConnected' error whenever pipe is not connected also through outputs/inputs in a nested design. 
- Modified the core code responsible for interface pipes (e.g. in NestedOutputs, NestedInputs) from/to nested desings. This change was required for the above improvement.
- Modified the following: if an element is being started, and its chart is not visible, the the chart will be shown automatically (also if the option to show in chart properties is unset). To make chart hidden on start, make sure the element is not started (set option 'Do not start' in advanced properties).
- Fixed a bug in RuntimePanel introduced in previous version.
- Finished migration to new chart framework.
- Fixed an initial scaling problem in NumericDisplay.
- Improved nested charts
- Improved/fixed RuntimePanel so that its visible (container) size is the same on difference systems.
- Added WMDVDPlayer - windows media player of the dvd player.
- Added interactive property in VideoFilePlayer to allow audio mute.
- Fixed a bug in PropertySetter in how interactive properties are selected.
- Fixed a bug in Polygraph
- Made some small changes in core processor.
- Refactored main design settings: exprity date and signature requirement. Set the same requirements for nested designs.
- Modified 'Settings' element.
- Added new element: LogicalState
- Fixed a small bug in Polygraph.
- Fixed broken version 2.1.73
- Improved Coherence nested design.
- Made a change in core - improved processor's timer count.
- Improved a few float vector elements needed for Coherence test design.
- Added new element: Settings. It allows to operate on System and Design settings from the design.
- Fixed a bug which prevented chart be visible on detached window.
- Fixed a bug in RungeMapper introduced during recent refactoring.
- Released first version of Coherence nested design (available on the element list under name 'bh-Coherence').
- Improved/modified several elements for Vector processing.
- Fixed a bug in RuntimePanel, when transparent background image was improperly drawn.
- Fixed a problem when GainInteractor was causing an error in Oscilloscope.
- Modified behavior of GainInteractor. If the destination element (it controls) is not active (because of an error or not started), then GainInteractor also is deactivated.
- Fixed bug introduced in previous version which caused invalid input buffer size set.
- Improved Button and Toggle button. Now the text label is drawn always on top of the hover image.
- added a few minor improvements in the recently updated chart framework
- modified TextFileReader. Now it reads/writes the text during start (before it was only during reinit), and when triggered (before it was only writing current text)
- fixed a few chart problems introduced in previous version
- Moved property 'Immediate' to advanced properties in all elements which have trigger input and also in PropertySetter. This is to avoid confusion and possible trouble when this property is improperly set.
- Refactored chart organization and framework.
- Migrated TextDisplay and NumericDisplay to newer chart framework.
- Removed BoxDisplay and BoxColorDisplay elements.
- Migrated BarDisplay and ProgressBarDisplay to newer chart framework.
- Migrated Button and ToggleButton to newer chart framework.
- Migrated VectorDisplay to newer chart framework.
- Removed VectorLineDisplay, it should be possible to accomplish the same functions using Polygraph. If not, let me know.
- Migrated Vector2DColorDisplay to newer chart framework.
- Added new: ElementInfo, currently it can provide info whether an element is active and the error message (if not active).
- Added new output in DVDPlayer element: 'Error code', it provides startup code, 0 in case of success (logical FALSE) or positive in case of an error.
- Improved and fixed a bug in MorphInteractor.
- Added new element MorphInteractor. It allows to show/hide chart smootly (gradually morphing from/to background).
- Modified Lamp element (no functional changes)
- Added new element: ReinitBuffer, it resends the last value to output during Reinit. This can be useful to preserve some states during ReinitTargetAndFollowers from PropertySetter, e.g. on NumericDisplay.
- Updated driver for JCPirHEG device.
- Fixed a bug in GainInteractor introduced recently in version 2.1.57 which caused invalid display on Oscilloscope.
- Added OscilloscopeXYZ, a new generation 3D chart. Pen width can be set in chart properties.
- Imporoved and finished ChartLayoutManager
- Added option in RuntimePanel to set/unset resizable window.
- Added new element ChartLayoutManager. It provides automatic control of the chart layout (position and size set during resize). More in the manual.
- Improved GainInteractor when interacting with Oscilloscope, under certain conditions it was causing reinitialization error in Oscilloscope.
- Improved resizing in 3D element.
- Fixed a resizing bug in 3D display element.
- Fixed resizing bug in RuntimePanel
- Improved nested chart options
- Removed system setting 'Keep window location visible' and added similar but more customizable options on 'Runtime' tab separately for each Runtime window
- Improved rounding in ExpressionEvaluator
- fixed resizing bug introduced in previous 2.1.52 version.
- improved bioera launcher settings
- improved DVDPlayer on Vista, before it was crashing when DVD was not present in drive.
- improved DVDPlayer automatic drive selection
- improved/modified design initialization and resizing process
- added new lement: ApplicationInteractor. It allows to set/retrieve text in an external (non-bioera) application e.g. URL in Internet Explorer.
- fixed bugs in the new option in TextTransform introduced in previous version 2.1.49.
- added new option in TextTransform to allow insert special characters: NewLine (\n) CarriageReturn (\r) and Tabulation (\t)
- fixed a bug in InputText element, element's outputs on Designer do not disappear anymore
- fixed bugs introduced in previous version which prevented from loading nested designs
- more improvements in the interactive properties in VideoFilePlayer 
- added interactive properties in VideoFilePlayer to allow set/get current frame position and get other frame info.
- fixed Polygraph offset calculation in overlapped mode
- fixed the trace color assignment
- added new option in Polygraph under 'Labels location': "No labels" which allows to hide the labels entirely and show only scale values.
- improved scaling on 'Traces Overlapped' mode in Polygraph, now scaling is balanced or positive depending on the signal properties.
- fixed one more bug in ScalarTimeTransform2.
- improved/fixed scaling in Polygraph
- Modified ExcelFileWriter so that it behaves like other similar element. When "Unique name" option is selected, then the unique name extension is added starting from the second file (first file has no extension at all).
- fixed a bug in ScalarTimeTransform2, the MIN function was corrected.
- Changed the temperature resolution in MF_Temperature element.
- Added global option to set default font for charts (SystemSettings->ChartColors tab). Additionally each individual chart can further customize its font (new field in Chart Properties). Note: any font change requires BioEra restart to become effective.
- Finished the Polygraph vertical axis distribution improvements when 'Labels location' is set to 'Top'.
- Now when 'Labels location' is set to 'Top', the scale is shown on the vertical axis. This option is not yet fully finished (doesn't work in Overlapped mode yet).
- IMPORTANT (may slightly impact previous designs) - modified/fixed the vertical amplitude level in Polygraph, so that it matches precisely the vertical scale. Before, the amplitude was slightly smaller when more then one trace was being displayed.
- added new element: VectorCorrelation.
- modfied core. Now all input pipe buffers are purged before start.
- added new element: VectorExpressionEvaluator, more info in the manual
- added new way to measure delay in Delay element: sample count.
- added two more options in Delay element (e.g. ability to measure time using input rate)
- improved Correlation in ScalarCrossTransform
- added option to run first iteration on start in Interator
- added INVERTER option in VectorInstantTransform
- added new options in Iterator
- IMPORTANT NOTE: renamed VectorValue element to VectorProperty, and VectorConstant element to VectorValue. This is to make the naming consistent with other corresponding (scalar/object etc) elements. This change impacts a design when any of those elements are used, manual modification is required.
- added new functions in VectorValue similar like in ScalarValue
- improved the 'Release Current Design' option, added referenced files from Chart Properties and Advanced Properties
- improved DesignInteractor, now the current design is stopped before new design is loaded
- improved vertical scale precision in BarDisplay
- fixed a bug in ExcelFileWriter which occurred when 'Unique name' option was selected.
- improved the Release Current Design option, added referenced files from design settings.
- changed input type from Logical to Scalar in Selector element.
- added new option in Tools menu: 'Release current design'. In Release folder the current design file is put along with all files it references (images, nested designs etc). This way it can be easily used to send that all to someone else without losing any referenced point. Eventually this option will also create executable (self extracting) installer file.
- modified (optimized) ExpressionEvaluator
- added a few new java performance options in bioera.exe launcher
- fixed dynamic pipes in a few elements including ExcelFileWriter and Counter3. They were broken in 2.1.22
- fixed a problem with occasional "BioEra has expired" message which should never occur on a purchased license.
- added Negated output to LogicalMixer
- fixed bug in PRopertyGetter, it wasn't property reading DIGI_FLOAT value
- made the same change in ToggleButton as before in Button, it is now fully refreshed when Reinited from PropertySetter or ElementInteractor
- added new options in NestedProperties, to allow set initial element name and element's icon on designer.
- added new element PipeInfo which provides an information about a pipe, e.g. if it is connected. Can be useful inside a nested design when input connection existence determines its behaviour.
- now Button is fully refreshed when Reinited from PropertySetter or ElementInteractor
- added MidiScale which can be used together with MIDI element to play sounds based on selected musical scale
- added new inputs in DVD player to allow go to Title menu and/or Root menu.
- removed '-diagnostic' command line option
- added new '-cdiag' command line option which will create 'diagnostic.zip' in main bioera folder, then bioera exit immediately.
- now the diagnostic.zip file is created automatically in main bioera folder on any abnormal program exit.
- improvemed PropertySetter to allow set properties on NestedDesign (which contains NestedProperties).
- more improvements in NestedDesign and its dynamic connections
- fixed problem in mode "Reinit Target and followers", it didn't behave properly inside a nested design.
- added option to remember last state in ToggleButton
- fixed option 'Reset local properties' in Advanced Properties of the NestedDesign.
- fixed a problem related to yesterday's change in NestedDesign
- added new options 'Reset local properties' and 'Nested initialization' in Advanced Properties of the NestedDesign. More info in the manual.
- improved/modified Slider, its SET_MAX and SET_MIN functions. If the input value forces the slider to change (to stay in range MIN..MAX), and 'Input sends output value' is set, then current value of the slide is also sent to output.
- made a serious change/improvement in NestedDesign, can impact only mode 'Load/Save local properties'.
- fixed launcher bioera.exe, not all program paramters were handled after 'startup.cfg' option was added a few versions back.
- fixed a bug related to 'Design requires signature' option
- now when runtime is in Edit mode, then selecting an element in Designer will also select chart (if it has one)
- added new folder resource/design for nested design which can be added just like any element (they are on the New Element dialog list)
- added several nested designs in the above folder which resemble BioExplorer's objects, those are for easier conversion to BioEra from BioExplorer
- added ScalarProperty, FloatProperty and LogicalProperty. Those are primarily to hold values used as properties in nested designs. They are similar to XXXValue elements, but simpler.
- added new options in advanced properties of Oscilloscope and BarDisplay to hide horizonal level lines.
- added two new options in NestedPRoperties for dynamic connections
- added option to set password for a nested design in its Advanced Properties. This is useful when default properties are hidden by the existence of NestedProperties element.
- a nested design can be now loaded and run without entered password (but can't be viewed without the password)
- added system setting 'Save before start', if selected then the current design will be saved automatically each time before a start.
- improved/fixed PropertyBuilder. Before, if the mapped properties were the same (from different elements) they were treated as one.
- added advanced options in Slider and BarDisplay
- fixed color bug in VectorDisplay introduced in previous version.
- added new option in Slider: "Input sends output value"
- modified Slider so that it doesn't send an output value when chart is resized
- improved Polygraph, Vector3DDisplay, VectorDisplay, VectorLineDisplay. Colors can be now set as hexadecimal numbers.
- fixed PropertyGetter, digi float type wasn't working propertly
- switched back to java 1.5. Current update 7 of java 1.6 was crashing on Vista (on XP was perfect).
- modified ToggleButton. Exchanged ON and OFF labels. 
- fixed a few problems with previous upgrade to java 1.6
- improved 3D options. Removed 'Old 3D library' permanently. Added options to set DirectX as a default (if not set, then OpenGL is default).
- added new optional configuration file 'startup.cfg' located in config folder. It can be used as a substitute (or supplement) to set command line options for 'bioera.exe'
- added new procedure which automatically detects when 3D has crashed. It should never happen, but if it does, then BioEra should be able to start next time (after crash) with 3D option disabled.
- migrated BioEra to newer java 1.6 and latest 1.5.2 version of the 3D library. Caution: this migration may need some more improvement.
- added support for the Lightstone device sold by the Wild Divine Project company. It may not work with older devices.
- fixed warning message: "Element command: Reset element not implemented" and a bug in ElementInteractor
- added advanced property Unit in NumericDisplay
- added "Fill Modes" option in Polygraph's advanced properties. Used only with "Scroll to left and fill". If a file mode for a channel is 1, then trace is a line, otherwise (by default) it is solid filled area.
- added Vertical Offsets in Polygraph's advanced properties. It allows to shift each trace up or down.
- added option in Polygraph to place trace labels on the top of the chart
- improved BarDisplay. Added possibility to set/move threshold level(s) using Mouse. The selected value is being sent to new outputs: Level1 and Level2.
- Added new option in Polygraph: Scroll to left and fill. Instead of drawing lines, it fills the areas below the trace.
- Added new input in DVD player: Zoom. It allows to dynamically zoom the window.
- added new option in Tools menu to create usb dongle print.
- added option in BioEra Activation wizard to create usb dongle print.
- Released version 2.1
- added option to buy and run BioEra with USB dongle (with license attached to the dongle, not PC)
- added option in DesignSetting: "Requires signature". When selected, the design is setup to run only on designated instance of BioEra. More details in manual.
- improved dialog with error/info messages, text is now fully displayed.

The 2.0 change log is available here: http://bioera.net/dev20.html