- Released version 2.1
- added option to buy and run BioEra with USB dongle
- added option in DesignSetting: "Requires signature". When selected, the design is setup to run only on designated instance of BioEra. More details in manual.
- improved dialog with error/info messages, text is now fully displayed.
- fixed a bug in ComboToolbarControl
- added axis scale precision options in Advanced Properties of Oscilloscope, Polygraph and BarDisplay
- added BTGP38 element for bluetooth GPS, it provides Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. It should work with any GPS receiver which implements NMEA protocol (most do).
- added WiTilt element for bluetooth accelerometer.
- fixed a problem with National Instruments driver, on some computers it caused a popup window with error message on BioEra start.
- added advanced property to set steps on vertical scales in Oscilloscope, Polygraph and Bar (see manual)
- added more advanced properties for horizontal (time) axis in Oscilloscope, Polygraph
- added new system setting 'Keep window location visible'. If a window (Runtime or Designer) is outside of visible area, it is moved back to main screen. This can happen when a design is loaded on a monitor with lower resolution. By default this is selected, to be compatible with previous versions you can set it clear it.
- added options -mx and -mn to set max/min memory for BioEra java process
- improved nested properties, now they are properly displayed in both property dialog and property setter/getter/builder.
- added support for new DAQ6008 National Instruments USB device
- Added new element: ApplicationPlayer, it allows better (easier) control of an external applications constrolled by keyboard like games
- added new example design with 3D racer game which demonstrates how to use ApplicationPlayer
- added option to automatically show Design Info dialog when design is loaded
- improved the AutoGain nested design attached in design\examples\lib folder
- optimized XmlNetServer
- improved WMVideoFilePlayer so that it fills the chart entirely
- improved NestedDesign element, before reload was necessary to load a design with non-scalar pipes.
- added new element WMVideoFilePlayer, it works the same as VideoFilePlayer but uses Windows Media Player engine. It has fewer functions (e.g. there no rewerse playback), but it may play wider range of files.
- fixed a problem in NestedProperties which prevented from renaming nested element
- added possibility to select (and move) multiple charts
- all charts from the same nested design are now selected when one is selected (anyone can be unselected using Ctrl button)
- XmlNetServer can now send values also above 1.0 (optionally)
- improved NestedDesign, now individual chart properties are saved (with option: Load/save local properties). See more description here http://bioera.net/support/viewtopic.jsp?id=125
- the BitDefender should not report a virus any more in bioera.exe file.
- fixed a bug in SteppedSoundFileReader which was introduced in 2.0.78
- in the previous version four antivirus programs reported a trojan in bioera.exe, in this version this is improved to only one of them: BitDefender.
- added On/Off input to SoundFileReader and SteppedSoundFileReader, it allows fast turn the sound on and off
- added support for Rosh device
- fixed/improved the SoundFileReader, it works the same as SteppedSoundFileReader, but can read only one file.
- fixed bug in NestedDesign, in certain condition dynamic inputs were not propertly intiialized
- added option in PCMAudioPlayer and PCMAudioSource to select output/input audio device
- improved PCMAudioPlayer, in certain conditions it was causing an initialization error
- fixed bug with RESIZE_EVENT on second Runtime window
- fixed bug in MIDI element which prevented from playing on external midi devices
- Fixed last versino of InputText so that it works also on RuntimePanel
- Added option in InputText element to allow selection of single or multiple line text field
- added On/Off input in MIDI element
- Added second level to BarDisplay
- improved Timer, added new option: First tick instant (decribed in manual)
- removed limitation in the number of inputs/outputs (before it was up to 255)
- fixed an issue with previous sub-version when RuntimePanel could not be shown
- allowed hide/show charts on RuntimePanel
- added the RESIZE_WINDOW event generated also on second Runtime window
- Changed InputText to multi line text
- improved TextToLogical, more then one instance could interfere with each other before this change
- Fixed a bug in TextToLogical
- Fixed ImageSource, in certain conditions it didn't work for 3D element
- Modified ComponentInteractor, if you used this element before, you need to set the destination component again
- improved sound loop in SteppedSoundFileReader
- added new element: TextToLogical
- improved ImageSource so that it can handle also 3D display charts.
- new event 'RUNTIME RESIZE' now also is sent when window is deiconified.
- fixed bug in ImageWriter
- improved ExceFileWriter to allow different signal parameters in all connected inputs
- added TextFileReader and TextFileWriter
- added new event 'RUNTIME RESIZE" in SystemEventSource
- added ImageSource, currently to retrieve image from a chart
- added new element: ImagePrinter to print an image (on Printer)
- fixed a bug in VectorToScalars
- added new option in ElementInteractor: "Reset element", it restarts element and also purges its input buffers.
- Fixed (hopefully) a bug in Delay element. It was very sporadic and very hard to reproduce.
- added Read In Loop option in SteppedSoundFilereader
- fixed scales in BarDsiplay and Oscilloscope
- fixed/improved reinitialization in PCMAadioPlayer. 
- Fixed another bug in Polygraph, offset wasn't properly calculated for non-balanced signal.
- Improved scolling mode in Polygraph.
- Rebuilt native library for audio playback (used in PCMAudioPlayer).
- Fixed a bug in Polygraph, it occurred in overlapped mode
- Fixed problem with GainInteractor in static (no input data) left Scroll mode.
- Improved the exit procedure
- Rebuilt all native code for Video and Flash. Flash was recompiled with newer version 9d (previously it was 9b) 
- Refactored code responsible for bioera exit, now the exit code is printed to log file (if log file option is set)
- Fixed (hopefully) option which prints element's unique ID in element Advanced Properties.
- Added Advanced Options in Oscilloscope to set axis parameters (max,min,unit) and shift.
- Fixed bug in Polygraph. When vertical axis description was disabled trace levels were improperly calculated.
- Added new system setting, when selected then detached dialog can be hiden by clicking on X, otherwise there is no effect
- Categorized elements and added option to select categorized element on New dialog when element is added on Designer.
- recalibrated QDS element.
- added new element QDS, support for QDS EEG device.
- fixed RawFileWriter and RawFileReader
- made a few improvements in DVD/Video routine. Hopefully this will prevent from a crash which has been reported occasionally.
- added new element ObjectCompare, it allows to compare Text values (and possibly other objects in future)
- refactored many parts of the source code
- updated Mindfield respiration driver
- fixed corrupted build 2.0.39
- added new element: RuntimePanel. It allows to build custom dialogs (designable the same way as Runtime window).
- added new option for 3D graphics in System settings: Always ON. If set the 3D graphics will be never disabled.
- added option 'Long Average' in ScalarTimeTransform. It is ultra optimized averaging best for longer periods (the main averaging mode charges processor too much for time periods over 10 minutes).
- fixed strange behavior when property dialog was increasing its size after each Apply
- fixed the label display in Button, now it is properly centered
- added new elements, NestedProperties and PropertyBuilder
- added option to set resizable option in design settings (in addition to System Settings)
- improved the situtation when two PCMAudioPlayer elements were (improperly) added to the same design (which was causing a crash)
- Added ScalarShifter, it simplifies example designs with peak detector and edge detector
- Added support for new device - Nonin4100 - wireless bluetooth oximeter
- added new element MF_Temperature.
- fixed/improved (hopefully) scales on both X and Y axis of all elements. Now the same values should not be repeated on the scale.
- improved tolbar options in Toolbar element.
- fixed (hopefully) a bug in sound driver which was causing occasional (and not possible to reproduce on demand) crashes.
- Added improvements in 3D display. Added option in System Settings to disable/enable 3D graphics (it may be necessary with older graphic cards).
- Changed default 3D library to OpenGL. Java 3D should now switch automatically to DirectX if OpenGL is not available.
- Modified and improved NestedDesign, now it is possible to have nested design with dynamic inputs/outputs.
- Improved VideoFilePlayer, the output time will not miss any seconds any more
- modified all elements with dynamic pipes
- improved VideoFilePlayer. Output time is now more precisely counted and sent more often (twice per second).
- modified ImageSequencer. Image is now converted to the type selected in element's properties.
- fixed bug in CMixer. Var input was improperly calculated.
- modified a bit ImageDisplay. Now during reinitialization previous image is lost, and nothing is displayed until next image arrives. Before this change, previous image was remembered.
- improved old style charts, in particular BarDisplay, so that X,Y axis unit in chart properties like ShowXUnit,ShowYUnit can be disabled
- added new outputs in VideoFilePlayer: Current-time and Total-time
- changed property name in BarDisplay to: "Amplitude range" from "amplitudeRange".
- Improved ComboToolbarControl, it remembers now the last state (doesn't pull the state from connected element any more)
- added MouseAdvSource
- changed Demultiplexer. Now selector input value 0 selects first output, value 1 selects second output and so on.
- modified (and fixed) ScalarsToVector
- added text output in ComboToolbarControl
- improved BarDisplay, now it refreshes scale when range is changed from PropertySetter
- improved designer connection paint
- fixed bug in InputText
- fixed option to load new design, now it always restarts bioera (automatic)
- Fixed bug in Button, when its name was printed instead of the label
- Fixed bug in image loading. New design was not loading new runtime background image.
- Added system setting to decide whether to save current design on exit.
- Fixed a bug. In a special case an infinite loop during resizing was occurring.
- Added TextValue
- Added DIGI FLOAT mode in TextToScalar