Last update was added on: September 20, 2023

4.217 - Improved NumericDisplay with Infinity input values. 4.216 - Added a new driver element for devices: KytoHRM. With RR output for HRV. 4.215 - Added a new element: MqttMessageReceiver. 4.214 - Improved VectorMultiDisplay when used with GainInteractor. - Added a new option in OSInfo: "Local IP address". Or only last number of the ip address if "Argument" is set to "last". - Fixed PolarH7 driver element. 4.213 - Added support for a new EEG device: BrainBit. More info in the manual. 4.212 - Improved execution on Windows 11. - Improved "Resize" option in ImageTransform when used with coeeficient 0.25 (90 degree) or 0.75 (270 degree). - Added a new option in Random element, to allow defining a set of random numbers rather than just a range. - Added a new element: FloatMatrixToImage. - Improved/fixed connecting to the configured MAC address in Muse and XiaomiMijiaThermometer elements. - Improved WindowInteractor. Added more actions selectable dynamically via input. Before, only "request focus" was possible. 4.211 - Fixed a bug in DesignInfo element. Path output was improperly being sent out to the Name output. 4.210 - Updated J&J driver and added a configuration for the new GP12 device. 4.209 - Improved activation with a code. 4.208 - Added new options in SystemInteractor to allow maximize and normalize Runtime2 window. 4.207 - Improved HtmlPlayer how it saves window coordinates. 4.206 - Improved option: "Move all to visible area". 4.205 - the HtmlPlayer element can now process up to 100 inputs (before the limit was 20). - the HtmlPlayer element can now process multiple outputs (before the limit was 1). 4.204 - Added a new option "RAW" in the BiTalino element. 4.203 - Driver updates. 4.202 - Driver updates. 4.201 - Small improvement in the nested design reinitialization. 4.200 - Fixed and improved option: "Move all to visible area". 4.199 - Updated Neurobit driver. - Fixed float version of BrainMasterAtlantis element. 4.198 - Improved Muse driver element. Added PPG, ACC and GYRO outputs. - Improved VectorMultiDisplay. Added agenda on top with labels and colors. - Added new keyboard shortcuts to Slider: "Page up" and "Page down", which move the knob by 10x the step. - Improved PCMAudioPlayer. If the advanced property "Audio block count" is set to 0, then it is automatically calculated to optimal (maximum possible) value. Useful for selecting shortest possible buffer size but might not work best on all computers. - Added a new option in StreamToVector2: "Subtract bias". - Fixed a bug in PropertyGetter: "Items_as_text" option was switched with "Selected_as_text". 4.197 - Added a new driver element: Muse. More info in the manual. - Improved LSLAcquisition element. Now the signal type can be set empty and it will be automatically detected in such case. 4.196 - Improved BleDevice. Created a new example where data from Esp32 is sent out only if requested. This is the typical way of doing it. 4.195 - Improved BITalino driver. Added support for Respiration and Temperature sensors. - Released Trial version. 4.194 - Added a new element: BleDevice. Can be used to communicate with a custom built Bluetooth 4.0 device like Arduino ESP32. 4.193 - Driver updates. 4.192 - Added new elements: ElementArrayInputs and ElementArrayOutputs, which can be used together with ElementArray to access extra inputs/outputs. - Improved advanced option in SerialPort: "COM name". Which can be used to search for a serial port by its Windows assigned device name rather than just COM name. - Added a new option in ElementArray element: "Chart layout" with a new layout setting: Horizontal. - Added a new property in FTDISerialPort: "Latency time" (disabled by default for backward compatibility). - Fixed unit/scaling issues in the BITalino driver. 4.191 - Added a new element: VectorMultiLines. Useful to display multi channel FFT output or any other vector output. - Added a new option in HttpWriter: "GET+". More info in the manual. - Improved HttpWriter: "Separate thread" mode is now more reliable. Before, the thread was being stopped after a connection error. - Improved variable %DF% when used inside a NestedDesign with multiple nesting levels. Before, this variable was pointing to the main design folder, now it points the NestedDesign's folder. - Added a new element: RangePreSetter, useful for controlling 2 range (min,max) values with 2 PropertySetters. This element assures output minimum value is always lower than maximum value. Without it, those values could be sent out in a different order which would cause error when PropertySetter reinitializes the target element. - Added a new option in OpenBCI element to detect errors reported by the device. Errors like that typically happen when the communication delay time (element property) is set too short. - Added a new device driver for Polar H7. It outputs heart rate as well as RR interval which can be used for HRV feedback. - Added ObjectRawFileWriter, an object version of the RawFileWriter. - Improved "Reset element" option in ElementInteractor. Now it alse resets output values stored in any ExpressionEvaluator element. - Added a new device driver for Rhythm24. It outputs heart rate and RR intervals which are good for HRV. - Fixed ElementArray element not working with PropertySetter. - Fixed a bug in V_Detector. - Improved responsiveness of the FFTTransform. - Added a new element: StreamToVectorInstant. Similar to StreamToVector2, but the output is triggered rather than sent out periodically. - Added a driver element for a new device: BITalino. 4.190 - Driver updates. 4.189 - Mindfield eSense driver update. - Added a new element: ElementArray. It is a configurable array of elements of the same types and settings. Useful when creating designs with many channels (like QEEG). - Added a new output 'Sync' in OpenBCI element. Sends out TRUE when a synchronization has been lost (which is automatically restored, but causes a discountinuity in the signal which may need special handling in the design). 4.188 - Improved PCMAudioPlayer, so that it stops playing audio after 10 hardware errors. Before this change it was retrying indefinitely which could lead to a crash. 4.187 - Added a driver for a new EEG/EMG device: Mindfield eSense (MF_eSense). See manual for more details. - Added more options in OpenBCI and Ganglion driver elements. - Added a new option in NestedProperties: "Input validation". Useful to constraint how the inputs of the element should be connected. - Added a new advanced option in Slider: "Send initial value at start". Set by default to True for backward compatibility. - Added a new option in SystemInteractor: "Skip action after start [millis]". If set, then the action will not be execute inside this time period after start (or restart) of this element. 4.186 - Improved NestedProperties element. PropertyBuilder (if connected to it) had a problem accessing properties from a NestedDesign element. - Added a new function available to an expression in the ExpressionEvaluator: setOutputValue(index, value). Can be used to set output by an index (starting from 1). - Added a new input pin "Index" in InputList and InputComboList. - Added a new advanced option in ToogleButton: "Click sets ON state only" for "Input alternate action" property. If selected, then a click can only change the button to ON state. The only way to change to OFF state is with an input value (0). Useful for groups of toggle buttons when only one can be set to ON. 4.185 - Updated activation wizard button labels. 4.184 - Updated Neurofield BioEra driver. - Created a new Trial version with latest phaser library version 2.16. Future full version of BioEra Pro will also have this version included. 4.183 - The 'Notice' element can now display multi line text with '' or '\n' special text token. 4.182 - Improved and modified 'Notice' element's behavior. It now can show up many dialogs with multiple triggers. Before this change, only one was possible. 4.181 - More improvement about the last change. 4.180 - Added a new advanced option in JandJ driver: "Reset channels". Can be used to reset/create outputs when the device is not connected. 4.179 - Added a new option in TextToScalar: HEX. It can be used to parse hexadecimal integers. 4.178 - Improved usb dongle search. 4.177 - Added a new command line option: -appendpath. If used, then the default system PATH will be appended to BioEra's path. 4.176 - Added a new "Minimized" in this list available on some settings: "Initial designer window's location" 4.175 - Improved NetworkClient. Added new options: "Connection timeout" and "Connect asynchronously". 4.174 - Hegduino driver element has now configurable sample rate. 4.172 - Improved automatic reset of nested designs. Now a reset is skipped when a nested design (or its parent) is set to "Load global properties" which prevents it from saving and could lead to a perpetua reload/reset loop. - Improved Lamp. So that it remembers the state when chart is resized. 4.171 - Improved ExcelFileWriter so that it creates the output file at start, and not during the re/initialization as before. 4.170 - Added a new interactive property in ScalarTimeRatio: "Ratio for value". Can be used to get current ratio (between 0 and 1) for the input value set via PropertySetter. If PropertyGetter is set for that interactive property then it is automatically triggered by the PropertySetter value. 4.169 - Added a new output ScalarTimeRatio element: "Ratio". It outputs the time ratio value of the last current input value in the range between 0 and 1 (not 100). - Added a new output in ElementInteractor. Currently only useful with "Properties" action, it outputs the name of the pressed button on the Properties dialog. Note: some button names don't work unless SKIP_REINIT_ALL option is set (see manual). - Fixed a bug in ArrayProperties dialog, Apply button pressed was restoring previous values. 4.168 - Updated Neurobit driver. 4.167 - Fixed a bug in ChartBackgroundOverlay, when the background color and/or image was not working as before the last merge with ChartSelectionOverlay. 4.166 - Improved "Array Property" option in ElementInteractor. 'FILE_DIALOG' can now be used to set initial path of the file dialog. For example 'FILE_DIALOG=images' will set initial path to the 'images' BioEra local folder. 4.165 - Added new options in WindowInteractor: "At stop" and "At click". 4.164 - Added device driver for Xiaomi Mijija wireless ble Thermometer. 4.162 - Added experimental support for SanDisk SD card on Windows tablets (with built-in sd card reader, not adapter) which can be used like USB dongle. Useful for tablets which do not have usb ports. Note1: it is not guaranteed to work on all tablets! It will be known after you deliver dongle print. It depends on the SD card reader and/or drivers. Note2: it worked successfully on all tablets we tested which had dedicated MICRO SD slot. Note3: but it did not work on a desktop with a sd card reader, and also on a tablet with full SD card. Note4: this is the way to create a dongle print for such a tablet: 1. execute BioEra on the target tablet with your SanDisk SD card inserted 2. select USB dongle as license type 3. when not found - press cancel 4. press OK on the "Invalid exit code" dialog. 5. send the file which was automatically generated. - Added ObjectToNumber element. Can be used for number processing in ObjectExpressionEvaluator. - Added a new option in HttpWriter: "Use separate thread" to allow doing the http communication in a separate thread. 4.161 - Added ObjectToVector element. Can be used for vector processing in ObjectExpressionEvaluator. 4.159 - Added more debugging info printed to log files when BioEra runs out of memory or threads. 4.158 - Fixed last build and the new change in DesignInteractor. 4.157 - Added a new option in DesignInteractor: "Save current design on Path". Triggering it will save current design in a file (set on Path) without showing a dialog. 4.156 - Improved Synchronizer, added a new option: "FIRST FULL, OTHERS LAST". See the manual for details. 4.155 - More diagnostic improvements. 4.154 - More diagnostic improvements. 4.153 - Improved diagnostic info. 4.152 - Added a new command line option for dongle signature: -createUsbSignature code;date;name 4.151 - More improvements in VideoFilePlayer and its handling of unicode names. 4.150 - Improved VideoFilePlayer so that it can play videos with national (unicode) characters in the name. 4.149 - CORE CHANGE - improved how some inactive connections can become active during main design reinitialization. 4.148 - Added a new design setting: "Read only design". If set, then the design will not be saved until this is changed back. Except one last time just after this setting is set on (to save this setting). - Improved DeviceSet and how it reinitializes designer pins when the device's channel count has changed. 4.147 - Improved DeviceSet to properly handle pause state. 4.146 - Added resume function to the Neurobit device driver. 4.145 - It is now possible to move/shift all highglighted charts with up/down/left/right keystrokes. Before thic change only the first highlighted chart was active. - Added ability to move designer element icons with up/down/left/right keystrokes. Shift key sets the step to 1. 4.144 - Added a new element: NoticeMultibutton. It has a configurable number of buttons. 4.143 - Improved O_Buffer so that the initial value is now not editable (to avoid confusion, this value is not supposed to be set). 4.142 - Added a new option in the design signature creator: "Expiration date". If set, then such signature will stop working after this date. - Driver updates. 4.141 - Improved PN_Wiz driver. 4.140 - MIDI volume can be now changed without sound restart (when "Restart on input volume update" is not set). 4.139 - More double float vector improvements. 4.138 - Added a new element: VectorToDoubleFloatVector, which converts scalar vector to double float vector. - Added double float version of FloatVectorToVector. 4.137 - Added double float vector SourceSelector element type. 4.136 - Added double float vector ability for nested designs, GlobalConnector and Valve. 4.135 - Improved Trial version. 4.134 - Set output names in HEGduino driver element. - Released Trial version. 4.133 - Fixed the new PropertyGetter option addeed in previous version not working for float element type. 4.132 - Added driver for a new device: HEGduino. - Added a new "Special trigger" option in PropertyGetter: "Element Reinited". When used, then input trigger is not necessary, the target value will be retrieved and sent out whenever the target element is reinited. 4.131 - Added a new RESEND option in Value element, which will resend out the current value to the output once for every input sample. - Added a new element: MatrixRowDisplay. Purpose - show several FFT spectrograms on a single chart. - Added a new element: VectorToMatrixRows. Purpose - create several FFT inputs of different lengths, and therefore different response times. For example: last 2 seconds and last 1 second. - Extended FFT2Transform category with matrices, can be used with those created by VectorToMatrixRows. Can calculate FFT on all rows individually. - Snippet with the new functionality: 4.130 - Core changes (see below) are those which can potentially affect all elements, so a risk of unexpected side effects is higher than usual. - Minor CORE CHANGE. Improved element ordering so that the flow order is more deterministic between consecutive calls. Before this change, elements which did not need ordering, were selected at random. - CORE CHANGE. Localized how elements initialize signal properties. Before this change, some elements were able to alter signal properties on up-stream elements. 4.129 - Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version. 4.128 - Added a new option in Button and ToggleButton: "Horizontal Alignment". Available on "Advanced" tab. 4.127 - Increased DesignInteractor's maximum argument size from 256 to 4096. 4.126 (Feb 3, 2020) - Added "Hidden" option in ComponentInteractor. It can be now used to hide a toolbar icon. 4.125 (Jan 30, 2020) - SoundFileReader is now clearing its cache if the currently set sound file doesn't exist. 4.124 (Jan 29, 2020) - Added extra message on console printed when a design stop has been requested (to identify its source). This can be disabled with this system setting: "Skip printing some (non essential) warnings on console" - Improved BioEra installer which now adds registry values to prevent BioEra dongles from being suspended (uncommon, observed on newest Windows 10). 4.123 (Jan 19, 2020) - Improved DeviceSet, so that the list of available serial ports is refreshed on Apply. 4.122 (Jan 17, 2020) - Improved DesignInteractor. So that the "Save current design as" option now sends to output the selected file path. 4.121 (Jan 13, 2020) - Added a new advanced properties in VideoFilePlayer: "Initial volume" and "Remember last volume". If set to a negative value, then initial video volume is automatically set to 100%. - Added a new "input function" in Slider, "RESEND". If selected, then any input value acts as a trigger and resends the last (current) slider value. 4.120 (Jan 8, 2020) - The single computer license should be now more reliable (persist between hard drive failures). Only applies to new activations with this version or higher. 4.119 (Dec 31, 2019) - Fixed a bug caused by the last improvement in PN_Wiz. - Added more info about current license and ability to extend it with a code. 4.118 (Dec 29, 2019) - Fixed a bug in the last update 117. 4.117 (Dec 29, 2019) - Improved element ordering in ElementInteractor (effective with multiple blue connections). Now, the actions are ordered from upstream to downstream (in some cases like "stop" this order is reversed). Before this change, the actions were being exectued in random order. - Improved element ordering in PreProcessor, before this change, they were being processed in random order (sometimes). 4.116 - Added a new element: ChartContextMenu. Can be connected to any element with a chart in order to add a context menu (right mouse click). 4.115 (Dec 13, 2019) - Improved ApplicationPlayer. Added more keystroke options which should cover wider range of apps (possibly all of them). Before this change, some apps were not receiving keystroke events. 4.114 (Dec 12, 2019) - The PN_Wiz's chart is now being updated whenever "Link" physical button on the device is pressed/released. 4.113 (Dec 06, 2019) - Added support for a new BLE Oximeter device: Berry Med BM1000. 4.112 - Improved PN_Wiz, so that button labels on the chart get their states from the element properties at initialization. - Added new properties in ApplicationPlayer: "Execute in folder" and "Add environment variables". It can help with apps which must be executed in their own folders. 4.111 - Added a new option "FILE_DIALOG" in ElementInteractor when used with "Array property". If set, then the "Add" button (on Array dialog) will execute file dialog and the file path will be put into a new text field. 4.110 - Added a new advanced property in some elements with axis scale: "Skip repeated values on vertical scale". 4.109 (Nov 18, 2019) - New version of the dongle print tool. From now on, all dongle prints should be created using this version or higher. 4.108 (Nov 16, 2019) - Improved dongle signature check. Some new dongles require this change to work with BioEra. 4.107 (Nov 15, 2019) - Extended diagnostic generation info. 4.106 (Nov 12, 2019) - Added a new option in ChartTextOverlay: "Horizontal scale position". See manual for more details. 4.105 (Nov 11, 2019) - Improved MindMaster, so that is clears data from serial port at resume. 4.104 (Oct 29, 2019) - Improved ExcelFileReader to properly handle Pause/Release. 4.103 - Added a new output in VideoFilePlayer: Playing. It sends out TRUE at start and FALSE when the video finished playing. - Improved horizontal scale. So that adjacent description labels do not overlap. If a description label can't be drawn without overlapping, it is dropped. - Improved horizontal time value description. A fraction of a second is only drawn if hour value is 0. This is to save space and show only most relevant information. 4.102 - Forgot to replicate the last improvement into float video element, fixed now. 4.101 - Improvements in VideoFilePlayer. It now supports WEBM codec, and it only enables brightness control if either input is connected (brightness or contrast), otherwise brightness filter is disabled and video may play more reliably. BioEra installer will eventually include WEBM video codec installer, so this type of video should play reliably on any computer without needing any additional codecs. For now, WEBM codec installer can be directly downloaded from here: 4.100 (Oct 22, 2019) - Fixed last version. 4.099 - Fixed a bug in SimulationSource. The second simulated signal wasn't working correctly after Pause/Resume. - Added new parsing option in TextToScalar: "Time HH:MM", it outputs number of seconds in this case. 4.098 - Merged all funtionality from ChartSelectionOverlay to ChartBackgroundOverlay. Deleted ChartSelectionOverlay element. 4.097 - MouseChartSensor can now be connected to more than one chart. - ReportGraph and RouteGame can be now connected to "Overlay" elements like TextChartOverlay. - Added a new element: ChartSelectionOverlay. Can be used to add colored selections on charts with horizonal axis: Oscilloscope, Polygraph, ReportGraph. 4.096 - Added ExcelFileReader to the list of sources available in DeviceSet. - Improved Value element, so that it doesn't restore last (initial) value if input is not connected. 4.095 - Improved PN_Wiz, so that if commands are requested before element start (e.g. from the chart), they are queued and send all at once when started. - Added a new option in property dialog. Each array property (list of values separated by comma) has now "ellipsis" icon which opens a new dialog editor. - Added a new option in ElementInteractor: "Array Property". Opens the "Array dialog" mentioned above. Requires property name (main or advanced) put in "argument" field. 4.094 - The chart in PN_Wiz can be now minimized. - Improved chart refresh in PN_Wiz. 4.093 - Driver improvements. 4.092 - Added a new system setting: "Stop the design when opening a nested design dialog" on Designer tab. 4.091 - Added a new element: PulseInterpolator. - Updated the snippet example for the recently added MiBand2 driver element. 4.090 (Sep 18, 2019) - Added a new experimental driver element: MiBand2. For real time heart rate measurement using a Mi Band 2 fitness tracker bracelet. - Added a new element: JsonTextParser. - Added "GET" method in HttpWriter. - Added new element Pulser. 4.089 - Fixed a bug in O_Buffer, so that is remembers last object correctly. - Added automatic resume operation at stop if the design is paused and then stopped. This is a change in core which could affect operations which depend on resuming. - Final improvement in the recently added O_Synchronizer. 4.088 - Fixed a bug in recently added O_Synchronizer. - Improved recently added O_ExcelFileWriter. 4.087 - The intro frame with a custom intro.jpg image is now being centered on the main screen. 4.086 - Added an Object version of the Synchronizer element. 4.085 - Added an Object version of the ExcelFileWriter element. Can be used to generate output files with text. - Updated drivers for Neurobit to version 4.6. 4.084 - Fixed resource cleanup in OpenSoundReceiver. 4.083 - Fixed a build problem with OpenSoundReceiver. 4.082 - Added more debugging info in OpenSoundReceiver. 4.081 - Added a new element OpenSoundReceiver. It can receive data from OSC (Open Sound Control) compatible clients. 4.080 (Jul 7, 2019) - Fixed previous version. 4.079 - Fixed a bug introduced in previous version. 4.078 - Further improvements in ImageDisplay. The alignment/center options are now also effective when image is rescaled with aspect ratio. - Improved the "Export segment" option behavior in ReportGraph. - Modified the behavior of the recently added "Fit width" option in TextDisplay and NumericDisplay. Instead of resizing horizontally it now finds a smaller font which fits the width of the chart. - Added a new "Resize horizontally to fit width" advanced option in TextDisplay and NumericDisplay. It overrides the "Fit width" and resizes the text horizontally (font can be lower quality than with other options). 4.077 - Added a new option in ComponentInteractor: "Enabled". Can be used to enable/disable any component like Combo dropdown list. 4.076 - Improved pause/resume in Ganglion's driver element. 4.075 - Added a new output pin on CustomInteractor element: "File name". - Added more alignment options in ImageDisplay. - Added a new option "Fit width" in TextDisplay and NumericDisplay. Caution: this is more processing heavy than other options. Watch processor usage when used with fast changing displays. - Updated manual about the above "Fit width" option. - When switching the Designer to/from edit/view mode, the processing is automatically and immediately stopped. - When opening a nested design dialog, the processing is automatically and immediately stopped. 4.074 - Added a new advanced option in Slider: "Knob tail image". - Updated the BioEra example, so that is uses the above "Knob tail image" on its main slider. 4.073 - Added more advanced axis options in Vector2DDisplay, similar to what is available in Oscilloscope advanced options. - Added MEDIAN option in VectorToScalar element. - Now when switching the Designer to/from edit mode, the processing is automatically requested to stop. 4.072 - ChartLine now works with Vector2DDisplay. 4.071 - Added a new advanced property "Grid on top" in Vector2DDisplay. 4.070 (May 18, 2019) - Added a new option to ElementInteractor with Properties action: SKIP_REINIT_ALL. If set, then the design is not restarted when property dialog is applyed. 4.069 - The "Hide detached dialog on X" option can be now dynamically (from PropertySetter) modified for use with nested charts. 4.067 - Driver updates. Corrected Ganglion's signal amplitude. 4.066 - Driver updates. 4.065 - Further improvements to the behavior when another BioEra instance is already running. 4.064 - Added a new system setting: "Second instance behavior" on "Interface" tab. Applicable only when "Allow only one instance" option is selected. - Added a new system setting: "Default path for NestedDesign file dialog" on "Elements" tab. 4.063 - Further improvements to the dialog and options when another BioEra instance is already running. 4.061 - Improved how BioEra works with option "Allow only one instance" 4.060 (Nov 25, 2018) - Added a new element: GlobalConnector. It transfers input data out to each element of the same "Global ID" including those in nested designs. Essentially it acts as a global connection. 4.059 - Improved "Properties" action in ElementInteractor so that its argument accepts property names which contain square brackets. 4.058 - Added new command line option: -utf8. It can help with some non-english characters display correctly on some user interface components like menu items. 4.057 - Updated Neurobit driver. 4.056 - Driver updates. 4.055 - Driver updates. 4.054 - Added a new optional jar file in ext folder to classpath: extlibs.jar. It can be used to add custom libraries and java code which will be accessible from ExpressioEvaluator and Customelement elements. 4.053 - Added interactive property in MenuListControl: "Menu labels". Same reason as in previous update. 4.052 - Added interactive property in MenuItemControl: "Menu labels". It can be used to dynamically modify the menu labels (the main element property can only be used for one time initialization). 4.051 - Added a new option in WindowInteractor: "Minimize frame at start". 4.050 - Improved CameraImageSource. Added advanced prioperty to allow focus auto calibration. Also added interative properties to get/set focus from the design. - Stopped supporting Android version of BioEra. - Added an XDF range warning to the list selected by system setting: "Skip printing some (non essential) warnings on console" 4.049 - Modified "Properties" option in ElementInteractor. Now the Properties dialog reinitializes all elements in design on Apply. - Added option to select a channel in Midi element. 4.048 - Fixed a bug in Slider. Slider value modified by a keyboard event was not remembered. - Fixed a bug in Generator. "Gradual OFF time" option was not effective. - Improved BioEra exiting. Before this change, some elements like WMVideoFilePlayer could cause it to hang at exit. 4.047 - Improved GainInteractor to cooperate with DoubleFloat vector elements. - Added a new option in WindowInteractor: "Maximized on monitor [1-n]" 4.046 - Added a new option in Timer: "Higher precision". When set, the next trigger time is measured from the last expected trigger time, not from the actual time (which can be slightly delayed), which should make it more precise for long time series. 4.045 - Fixed a bug in DesignInfo element. 4.044 - Added 2 warnings to non-essential list (configurable in system settings): "Incompatible pipes" connecting to PropertyGetter/Setter and "Fake input buffer". 4.043 - Driver updates. 4.042 - Driver updates. 4.041 - Fixed a bug in float version of BarDisplay2 4.040 - Improved using 'Alt' on elements properties. Pressing 'Alt' no longer changes the tab or currently edited property panel. 4.039 (Nov 13, 2017) - Fixed a bug in the float version of BarDisplay2. Output values are not rounded to full integers any more. 4.038 - Driver updates. 4.037 - Improved Vector3DDisplay so that it initializes faster and handles better some edge cases. 4.036 - Fixed a bug in PN_Wiz element. The setup dialogue was not showing up when the element was accessed in the DeviceSet. 4.035 - Improved Brightness option in ImageTransform and ImageSequencer, so that they can process transparent images. 4.034 - Added 2 new inputs in RouteGame element: Animation [ms] and Velocity [ms]. They can be used to dynamically change animation and movement speed (equivalent to using properties). 4.033 - Added initial support for a new BLE device: LightBlue. 4.032 - Added new system setting: "Skip printing some (non essential) warnings on console". If selected, then some warnings are not printed. For example: "chart not yet initialized in element" 4.031 - Fixed a bug introduced recently in 4.028, when clicking on X on Runtime window was not exiting BioEra. 4.030 - Reverted the last change in ScalarsToVector (restored back to 4.028). 4.029 - Improved how ScalarsToVector autoconnects all inputs. 4.028 - Added a new system setting on "Interface" tab: "Pressing X on Runtime frame only sends event to WindowInteractor". If set then 'X' button doesn't exit BioEra. 4.027 - One the recent Windows updates broke VideoFilePlayer (showing black window during playback). Fixed it by adding an extra initialization at start. 4.026 - Improved element ScalarsToVector and FloatsToVector, so that it can create vector field desctiptions form upstream element's output names. - Added a new option in ScalarsToVector and FloatsToVector: Auto connect all inputs. If selected, then all dynamic inputs will be connected automatically. 4.025 - Improved Oscilloscope and Polygraph. So that their charts preserve their data after chart (or Runtime window) resize. 4.024 - Improved ImageDisplay, so that it paints the last received image after chart (or Runtime window) resize. 4.023 - Added support for a new device: Ganglion. - Added a new advanced option in SerialPort allowing to select a COM port by its name (showing in DeviceManager). 4.022 - Driver updates. 4.021 - Fixed a bug introduced in previous version, some primitive array properties were not being restored correctly. 4.020 - Optimized how primitive arrays of numbers are stored in a BioEra design file. So that they process faster and take less space. - Optimized a little how a design is being saved. It might load a little faster after it is saved with version 4.020. 4.019 - Added option "Previous location visible on desktop" for Designer and Runtime windows, so that they can be positioned (and restored) on the full desktop, not just the primary monitor. - Improved BarDisplay, so that it shows bar levels after a reinit of the chart 4.018 - Added a new element: LSLAcquisition. It allows to receive data from LSL sources like OpenVibe's acquisition server. - Improved Counter2, so that it outputs 0 when no input samples arrive (before this change the last counted value was being sent out). 4.017 - Added a new command line option: -dpiaware. When set, then BioEra frames/windows will not be scaled by Windows. 4.016 - Added new option in TextDisplay: "Multiline". If selected, and contains "\n" text line separator, then input text will be displayed in separate lines. 4.015 - Implemented "Switch to Runtime X" options executed from SystemInteractor on Windows. 4.014 - Improved export option in ReportGraph. 4.013 - Added ImageDisplay2, which is simpler than ImageDisplay but faster (should be used for Video and Camera preview). 4.012 - Fixed a bug in BioEra designer 4.011 - Increased maximum size of an image from 2048 to 2160 to support 4k monitors. - Improved using DoubleFloat elements in nested designs. 4.010 - Added more info about the element in the warning message "chart is not yet initialized". 4.009 - Improved CameraImageSource's stability. 4.008 - Fixed broken version 4.007 4.007 - Improved annotation display refresh in ReportGraph. - Further improved ReportGraph, so that it correctly exports annotations after data has been edited (deleted using "Delete segment" option). - ReportGraph now automatically refreshes after chart has been resized. 4.006 - Added a new output in WindowInteractor: "Closing". It sends out TRUE, when the "X" button is pressed on the target window. - Added a new command line option: -xdfinfo . It prints on the console a short info about the without starting BioEra. - Improved 'Export segment' option in ReportGraph. Now it also exports segments which have been edited (with "Delete segment" function). - Added a keyboard shortcut in ReportGraph to allow deleting current segment: 'Del' (equivalent to menu option 'Delete segment') - 'Export segment' in ReportGraph is now also possible for the full recording (before, a smaller fragment had to be selected), this doesn't include annotations. - BioEra.exe now can be executed also from other directory than where it was installed (it is not recommented though). 4.005 - Added new option in ReportTable: "Export to Excel file" activated when right mouse button clicked on the table. 4.004 - Improved CameraImageSource so that the time of the last video frame is retrieved at stop. That can help with more precise synchronization between Video and EEG capture. 4.003 - Fixed CameraImageSource when started with -jre8_64 option. 4.002 - Fixed startup.cfg file functionality (alternative to command line options). 4.001 - Fixed PCMAudioPlayer when started with -jre8_64 option. 4.000 (Jul 31, 2016) - Added new command line option: -jre8, it uses the latest java 8 32 bit to run bioera. - Added new command line option: -jre8_64, it uses the latest java 8 64 bit to run bioera. See manual for more details about its limitations.